21 and enjoyed a signing ceremony on Monday.”I’ve


infielder , who is dealing with plantar fasciitis in his right foo his style of play.Bonucci is regarded as your typical Italian stopper.And he explained, “I alwayormer Tottenham boss Juande Ramos believes Harry Kane will be key in the Champions League final against Liverpool.Ramos was the last manager to win silverware for Spurs.Ramos, who lifted the League Cup in 2008, said: “Both clubs know each other very s greg of Frank Lampard. Derby boss Lampard is expected to be named as Maurizio Sarri’s successor this week.Only one season of experience has lead some to suggest Lampard isn’t ready for the role, but Desailly thinks the Blues hierarchy should be trusted.w up wanting to be of help to the team, providing assists as a midfielder or scoring goals as a striker. I had to reset that way of thinking and rt, suffered a setback Tuesday. Forsythe appeared to be in a great deal of pain and is a strong candidate to the start the season on the disabled list, according to .com.

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er from Stamford Bridge after selling him to Real


The announced Monday srn to Galer lasted just 85 days as Inter boss in 2016.“I work for a very young c Elite Development Team.Yorkshire-born Phillips joined Everton at Under-13 level, having previously been at Huddersfield’s academy, and has progressed to David Unsworth’s Under-23s.The 19-year-old links up with the Championship club.He initially willlub: there are no former Presidents or directors with much influence here,” the Atlanta United boss told De Telegraaf.“At Inter, a player’s agent came up to me once and told matasaray.Fanatik says with Gala coach Fatih Terim under pressure, president Mustafa Cengiz has Drogba top of his shortlist of replacements.Drogba is a former Gala player and enjoys a good relationship with Cengiz and the club’s support.Cengitarting pitcher will start the home opener, April 9 vs. the Dodgers. Richard is 1-1 with a 6.59 ERA in three spring starts.

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mits he turned down Manchester United last summer.


infielder continued to hit in his bid to win a starting role, reaching base in all four plate appearances against the Giants Saturday, including hitting his first home run of the spring. He’s hitting .538 in 45 Cactus League plate appearances and has only struck out twice. The outstanding line could land him the starting job at second base.

“He’s certainly right in the middle of the mix,” manager Bob Melvin told .com. “He was always in there and probably came out of the pack a little bit, but he’s a guy that’s played for us beforeHarry Kane’s long-term injury is a heavy blow.He is ruled out until April wi preparing for a move to England.Allegri and Juve split after five years at the end of last season.Chi reports Allegri and his partner, TV presenter Ambra Angiolini, will be in London this summer and taking English classes while they are there.Allegrth a hamstring injury that requires surgery.England captain Kane has scored 27 goals iaken the lead through Cristiano Ronaldo only to fall apart in 10 minutes.Fabio Borini’s angled drive beat Wojciech Szczesny, then Giampaolo Pazzini converted a penalty for Leonardo Bonucci’s handball offence.”Evidently we have different performances n 31 appearances for club and country this season.”If I speak too much about Harry, I ge, comes to camp trying to win a job, and he’s doing everything he can to do that.

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ome the club’s talisman.Iwobi stepped up another l


manager Davey Johnson told reporters Wednesday closer  has an infected wisdom tooth that might need to be repaired. Johnson isn’t sure how severe Soriano’s situation might be, United.The Sun says Portuguese transfer guru Campos, 55, could get the job.Vice-chairman Ed Woodward felt that Campos’ appointment would give Jose Mourinho too much power 18 months ago.But now he favours Campos due to his ama Eden Hazard.The Brazil defender spoke to Efe after yesterday’s 3-2 defeat of Everton.Asked about his former Chelsea teammate, Luiz was aware of Hazard’s latest injury setback suffered in defeat at Levante.He insisted: “It is not worrying, because itzing record at Monaco anbut he wants it done as soon as possible so he still has time to prepare for the start of the season. Soriano is scheduled to pitch again Friday, but his status is TBD.

The Waser Issa Diop.United have already had one offer turned down by the Irons, while the Londoners have demanded Anthony Martial in part exchange.Meanwhile, Sky Sports says PSG are making a move for Diop.The free-spending Paris giants see Diop as a long-tehington Post reports Soriano traveled to the Dominican Republic on Tuesday to tend to a family matter, which was unrelated to his wisdom tooth issue.

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Big idea: The designated hitter compromise


Personally, I don’t see the problem. Sure, if I could go back in time and scrub the designated hitter rule from history, then I probably would. But the DH doesn’t cause me French-existential angst (i.e., I don’t hate it), and I’m similarly unruffled by the fact that the two leagues have distinct rules regarding the DH. With all that said, I seem to be in the distinct minority. People don’t like the designated hitter rule, or at the very least they want uniformity in its application. As usual, I’m here for those with nowhere left to turn.

First, please accept this premise: Wholesale elimination of the DH isn’t going to happen. Next month, , and that means it’s entrenched. In a related matter, don’t expect the MLBPA to sacrifice a concocted “position” that turns 15-low-paying roster spots into high-paying roster spots. You can talk about making other structural concessions all you want, but none of the bandied-about solutions — expanded active rosters, a raising of the minimum salary — provides to players the high-end material uplift that the DH does. Cries of “get rid of the DH!” should be dismissed as fantasy.

With that out of the way, here’s what I propose: Make the DH rule the prerogative of the home team. Yes, I hereby propose that in advance of each regular-season and postseason game, the home team should be able to declare whether the DH shall be used for the contest in question.

Per rules, batting lineups aren’t exchanged until five minutes before game time, so there’s plenty of time in the course of the standard run-up to the first pitch to make the decision ly Samatta is pinching himself over his Carabao Cup final appearance against Manchester City.On Sunday he will play for his new club against Manchester City at Wembley. “This is huge,” the Tanzania striker told the Daily Mail. “It’s a final. At Wembland allow the visiting manager to react accordingly. Want to force to wield a glove or luxuriate on the pine? The home manager can opt not to DH. Want Stephen Strasburg to hit opposite a pitcher who’s less skilled with the bat? Opt not to DH. Got a right-hander on the mound and an opponent without a quality left-handed bat to slot in at DH? Force the issue by invoking the DH rule for that game. Does your team employ a manager with an orthodox and throbbing-neck-vein hatred of the DH? Take and never allow it on your hallowed traditionalist grounds.

First and foremost, the “home team chooses” system would, a) reduce significantly the number of games in which the DH rule would be in force; and b) add another layer of managerial strategizing (and fan kvetching) to a sport that’s typically a bit light on managerial strategizing (but not fan kvetching). I also envision a handful of other consequences that can be viewed as generally positive …

Such a system would make home-field advantage in the postseason that much more meaningful. By extension, that would make the regular-season race for seeding that much more important. It would also lessen the perceived disadvantages/advantages afforded by the World Series setup, which entails use of the DH in AL parks and no DH in NL parks. After all, AL and NL teams would be constructing their rosters according to same rules for the entirety of the regular season.Such a system would create an incentive for teams to roster DHs with at least some baseline defensive ability. If the DH who couldn’t dream of manning a position offends your aesthetics, then this system would make such a creature even more of an imposition on the 25-man.Such a system would create “soft” pressure for teams to carry more position players on the roster. Teams wouiverpool was confirmed this morning.The Japanese star completed his £7.25million move to Liverpool on Thursday morning.The 24-year-old will officially become part of Liverpool’s squad on January 1, and could make his debut in the FA Cup third round ld need to be prepared to trot out an adequate DH (i.e., a player who can put at least something like a .758 OPS, which is what AL DHs hit last season — only AL first basemen were more productive) or have an adequate arsenal of platoon-advantaged pinch-hitters for those occasions when the DH rule is not in force. In some instances, the primary DH will fill all those roles, but in others it will require a deeper bench. The point is that some teams would be reluctant to carry 13 or maybe even 12 pitchers. Fewer middle- and late-inning pitching changes and fewer appearances are good things for observers invested in things like pacing.

This new structure would of course require the consent of the players union, and they’d likely want give-backs elsewhere, since this would likely result in a downward market correction insofar as primary DHs are conceed. The defender made 214 appearances for the Hammers across two spells before joining Ipswich Town.He said: “I had the time of my life [at West Ham]. “I arrived in 2005 and then I left for Villa in 2009 and as people know, I didn’t really want to lerned. But this effort embodies, I think, the sensible middle ground between getting rid of the DH altogether (again, not a plausible aim) and allowing the status to remain quo.

So, in summary, the home team gets to decide whether the DH rule applies. Given the breadth of my opinion-shaping powers, I expect implementation posthaste. Or not.

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Start vs. Italy helps Weaver and Angels, but not the WBC


(Getty Images)

TEMPE, Ariz. — looked good against Team Italy on Wednesday.

That’s great news for Weaver, and great news for the . It’s terrible news for the World Baseball Classic.

“It’s nice to feel this good early on,” Weaver said, after his three strong innings in an exhibition game.

Weaver credited the Angels’ athletic training staff for helping loosen up his right shoulder, which he said had felt tight over the last couple of years (even as he was pitching at a near-Cy Young level).

“I ith Guardiola’s brother Pere now part-owner. Pep signed up as a member during his visit.”I am very excited to be a member of Girona and that’s why I called my brother, so he could do it. From Manchester we follow the resultSolskjaer has ruled Anthony Martial out of returning for Thursday’s clash with AZ Alkmaar.The Norwegian was speaking after Monday’s draw with Arsenal at Old Trafford.He could not provide an update on right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who missed the matchs and watch the games whenehaven’t had this range of motion in a while,” he said. “I can go back to my normal arm slot. I’m more of a three-quarters guy, but the last couple of years I had to be more over the top.”

He feels good. He feels strong. He likes the WBC concept so much that he says he’ll watch every game he can when the WBC begins for real for Team USA this weekend.

But Weaver still didn’t want to pitch for Team USA this month.

“Maybe if they’d figure out a better time to have it,” Weaver said.

For this WBC, even at this time of year, Team USA was able to assemble a strong roster. The biggest problem was finding top starting pitchers.

It wasn’t just Weaver. , and , among others, also turned down the chance to pitch.

Most gave the same reasons Weaver did. Pitchers need more time than position players to get ready, and they didn’t feel they could be ready for competitive games in early March.

“I would be quite to where I needed to be,” Weaver said. “I think it would be a little tough to go out with your best stuff now. If I had to go out and turn it on, I think it would be a little tough.

“As great as it would be to wear the red, white and blue, it’s a tough thing to get ready for.”

Weaver threw 52 pitches Wednesday against Team Italy. By WBC rules, if he had joined Team USA, he would have been limited to no more than 65 pitches this weekend.

He allowed Italy one run in three innings, with five strikeouts. He was good enough to pitch in a spring game, but he didn’t feel ready to pitch in a game that counted.

He was comfortable facing Team Italy on WednesdFootball League ban pre-match handshakesThe Premier League and EFL have said pre-match handshakes between both teams and officials will not take place until further notice because of fears over the spread of coronavirus, reports BBC Sport.The teams way. He didn’t want to face them in a WBC game on Saturday.

For anyone who wants the WBC to succeed (and I count myself among that group), that’s too bad.

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Bull Pennings: Rock and roll — and baseball — never forgets


(Gettys must keep working on his game.Speaking to Sky Sports, Giggs expressed his delight at Manchester United winger’s recent performances.“He’s one of those players you know what he’s going to do but you can’t stop it,” our record appearance-holder sai Images)

PEORIA, Ariz. — It wasn’t quite out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy, and it wasn’t quite a ’60 Chevy.

But it was close when Ted Simmons’ night moved one Friday in the late 1960s.

Simmons was attempting to travel home to family for the weekend from the University of Michigan with his then-girlfriend (now wife) Maryanne, and the young couple did something that was completely natural at the time.

They hitchhiked.

Simmons was a high-profile baseball player who was drafted in the first round — 10th overall pick — by the Cardinals in 1967. Though he signed with St. Louis out of high school, he was attending Michigan during the offseasons.

It was in November or December, as he remembers it. Nighttime. Cold. Snow flurries.

As Ted and Maryanne hitchhiked alongside U.S. 23 North coming out of Ann Arbor, a van pulled over. Ted helped Maryanne into the front passenger’s seat, then climbed into the back.

“I get in, all the seats had been removed, and there was a full drum set in the back,” says Simmons, now a senior adviser to Mariners general manager Jack Zdurencik after a long pro career as a player.

As the van rumbled off into the night, Simmons told the driver how much he appreciated him stopping.

“Where ya going?” the driver asked.

“Detroit,” Simmons replied.

The driver explained he was headed for Interstate 96, but then he was heading west toward Lansing instead of east toward Detroit.

“I’ll drop you, and you can pick up another ride from there,” the driver said.

That settled, Simmons mentioned theielder Jonjo Shelvey admits he could be a “Liverpool hero” after grabbing a late equaliser against Manchester City.With City leading 2-1, former Liverpool man Shelvey connected with the ball first-time from a corner that was pulled back to the top of drum set and wondered if his ride was a musician.


“What’s your name?”

“Bob Seger.”

“I remember it like it was bigger than life,” Simmons says. “He was just starting out back then.”

Seger was a local legend, playing hundreds and hundreds of nights throughout Michigan and the Midwest, awaiting his break. It finally came in 1976, when Seger rocketed to stardom nationally with the release of the albums Live Bullet in April, and Night Moves in October of the same year.

The night he graciously came to the aid of a couple of young lovebird hitchhikers, Simmons recalls, Seger had just finished playing Ann Arbor’s famed Canterbury House and had another date scheduled in Lansing.

“He wasn’t huge yet,” Simmons says. “Then he got huge. It was just super for anybody to stop.

“It could have been a serial killer.”

And had that happened, the Cardinals in 1970 would have had to find someone else to replace aging catcher Joe Torre.

Except, this story has a far better ending. Simmons went on to have a 21-year career with the Cardinals, Brewers and Braves, and he has a very cool story to tell about Bob Seger.

Now 63, Simmons says he’s seen Seger perform two or three times since his roadside brush with rock ‘n’ roll greatness.

And when his playing days were finished, Simmons, a physical education and speech major, went back and earned his degree from Michigan in 1996.

Presumably, not by hitchhiking.

Yes. It’s finally warming up in the desert. After a week of long pants, sweaters and jackets, it’s finally warm enough to remove your jacket.

White Sox starter , who owns hunting property with De a teammate.The PSG striker is being linked with a big money move to Real in 2020.And Carvajal admits he’s aware of the speculation and would welcome the striker to Madrid next year.”Do I want to play with Mbappé? This is one of the biggest playersiamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, also tells a great story of meeting Seger a few years ago. Peavy landed in a remote airport on a private plane one winter’s day en route to his property, and Seger happened to be at the airport. “Mr. Seger, I’m a big fan,” Peavy stammered. “Call me Bob,” Seger told him.

Journeyman pitcher Mark Hamburger popped for a failed drug test a second time and a 50-game suspension. Even The Hamburgler is embarrassed for him.

“Roll, roll me away, 

“Won’t you roll me away tonight 

“I too am lost, I feel double-crossed 

“And I’m sick of what’s wrong and what’s right

“We never even said a word, 

“We just walked out and got on that bike 

“And we rolled 

“And we rolled clean out of sight”

— Bob Seger, Roll Me Away

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Podcast: Yankees team preview


  |  |  |

In this episode of the podcast, Chris and Mike Axisa discuss how the luxury tax impacted the and their strengths and weaknesses heading into the season.

Is this the worst Yankee team on paper in recent memory? How did the luxury tax impact the club? We go around the infield, starting with catcher. What type of performance can the team expect out of their , combo? Is a good fit for the park? What are the timetables for and ?We transition to the outfield, where the team is making some defensive changes. How will handle center field? What will the team do with , who is going to be a free agent at the end of the year?Time to talk about the rotation. How much of a concern is it that the team has some aging pitchers, , and Andy Pettitte, at the top of the rotation? What can we expect from and ?In the bullpen, the team will Manchester United are ready to bid for Everton midfielder Idrissa Gueye.The PSG-40m-rated-Evl for Liverpool winger Ryan Kent hasn’t changed.Gerrard admits Rangers’ £10m Europa League windfall will not trigger a renewed swoop for Ryan Kent – but he has pulled the shutters down on any clubs looking to snatch away his top stars.“Nothing herton-star-Idrissa-Gueye.html”>Daily MailPSG-40m-rated-Everton-star-Idrissa-Gueye.html”> says the Toffees are believed to be open to the idea of selling Gueye but want to recoup a fee of around £40million for the player, who has three years left on his contract.Manchester United consider the Everton midfielder to be a good anchor man to play alongside Paul Pogba in the middle of the park. The France international benefited from having N’Golo Kante mop up behind him as Les Bleus triumphed in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.The Red Devils are looking to replicate this partnership but with Gueye at Old Trafford in the hope it will get the best out of their £89million man.get Mariano Rivera back. Is this the season he finally declines? With Rivera, and , can this be one of the top bullpens in the gamegue final because of their togetherness.The Reds are back in the showpiece event of European football a year after losing at this stage to Real Madrid.Shaqiri, who arrived from Stoke City in the summer, believes there is a real resilience and camarad?It’s decision time. Mike tells you if he thinks the Yankees are a contender in a tough AL East.Make sure to follow Mike on Twitter . I can be found .

You can listen to the podcast in our popout player, which can be found

We would also encourage you to .

This episode runs a little more than 45 minutes.

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Ruiz apologizes, and Manuel says ‘I trust him’


(US Presswire)

CLEARWATER, Fla. — won’t serve his suspension until the season begins in April, but in a very real sense, his punishment for testing positive for amphetamines began this week.It began Wednesday, when Ruiz spoke publicly for the first time since Or it began Tuesday, when Ruiz arrived at camp and met with his manager.As uncomfortable as Ruiz looked for his seven minutes in front of the television cameras, the time he spent with Charlie Manuel may have been tougher.Tougher, but productive, because Manuel came away convinced that his catcher won’t become a repeat offender and will continue to be a top-level player.”I trust him,” Manuel said. “I know him, and therefore I trust him. I got on him [Tuesday]. I got on him good. The things he said, I trust him. I don’t think it’ll be a problem at all.”I don’t think he’ll ever do it again, that’s what I think.”Ruiz admitted Wednesday that he had taken Adderall, a drug that players are only allowed to take with a medical exter Milan.Gotti worked with Giroud at Chelsea and rates the Frenchman highly.He told TMW: “Giroud would have been perfect and succeeded with Inter from the beginning. “Giroud at Lazio would have been an alternative of great impact, because he has veremption (which Ruiz didn’t have). He admitted that he had failed two tests last season, although he wouldn’t answer any questions about why he took the drug, why he hadn’t gotten an exemption or whether he would try to get one now.”I want to put that behind mnside the current squad.Leicester are going well, sitting third after their 5-0 thrashing of Newcastle United.“We’re very confident, especially off the back of 5-0 win against Newcastle and the five great goals that we scored,” Chilwell told the Foe,” Ruiz said, after apologizing to fans and teammates. “I’m going to do my best. I made a mistake and I paid.”Major League Baseball has rules. When you make a mistake, you have to pay.”The Phillies will have to pay, too. Manuel agreed with the suggestion that Ruiz may have been the Phillies’ most valuable player last year.”Yeah, I was upset when I heard about [the suspension], Manuel said. “Chooch is a big part of our team. He’s developed into one of the best catchers in baseball. [Yadier] Molina is good, but Chooch is right there with him.”Manuel said that Ruiz seemed to be “really hurt” when the two spoke. There was no doubt that Ruiz looked and sounded emotional in his public statements Wednesday.”We’re disappointed,” general manager Ruben Amaro said. “He made a mistake. He’s going to pay for it. We’ll pay for it.”Manuel said he expects to be the Phillies’ main catcher while Ruiz serves his suspension. Ruiz is permitted to goor a spell on the sidelines with a hip injury. The club have not provided a timeline for Maguire’s return. Maguire missed Tuesday’s Carabao Cup semi-final first leg loss to Manchester City.Quizzed on how long Maguire would be out for, manager Ole Gun through spring training as usual, but will miss the first 25 games of the season.

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of returning to Athletic Bilbao.While happy in Lon


Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said during the press conference to introduce g linked with Atletico Madrid as a replacement for the wantaway Antoine Griezmann.Gustavo Dybala told Futbolemiko: “There are many chances that Paulo leaves Juventus, he needs a change, there are several uncomfortable players in the club.”In additionon Monday that will remain at second base in 2013 Maddison, according to the Leicester Mercury.Maddison had been linked with moves to Manchester United, Manchester City, Spurs and Arsenal, while Chilwell was thought to be City’s first choice left-back option for next season.However, Chilwell is not. will serve as the team’s first baseman with prospect likely beginning thrid are set to duke it out for Mexican striker Raul Jimenez.The Wolverhampton Wanderers man is a hot property for the summer transfer window.Jimenez has enjoyed an impressive season for Wolves, helping the team to promising positions in the Premier Le year at Triple-A. There had been rumors during the offseason that Kinsler might change positions so Profar could play second base for Texas.

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Early start time a welcome break in work productivity for many Giants fans


SAN FRANCISCO — With the usual World Series start time being 8:07 p.m. ET, fans out west have a sacrifice to make in order to see their beloved team play baseball. The first pitch for Game 1 was scheduled for 5:07 p.m. loon Greenwood hopes to end the season with silverware.With United still in both the FA Cup and Europa League, there is every possibility he could fire Ole Gunnar er their 2-2 draw with Chelsea.Blues fullback Marcos Alonso struck twice for the visitors.Asked how frustrating it was to see a defender score twice against his side, Billing replied: “Oh yeah. When I saw Alonso for the second I was like ‘ah man’. Solskjaer’s side to glory.Speaking to ManUtd.com about his dramatic rise, Greenwood said:cal time Wednesday, or seven minutes past when many fans get off work.

So how are there so many people here? Well, it’s obvious. It’s time to play hooky from work. In speaking with about 50 fans in the upper deck of AT&T Park, nearly all of them had to get out of work in some fashion. About half took half-days.

“I left at 11 [a.m.], but my boss was really cool because it’s the World Series,” said one female fan. She wasn’t alone. Over half the fans I surveyed took a half-day. Some waited until 2 or 3 p.m. local time before skating.

Others just used up a few vacation days.

“I took two vacation days, one [Wednesday] and one [Thursday],” said a man in his 30s named Ryan. 

And finally, of course, there were those who didn’t exactly do things by the book (only five of the people I talked to). One married couple with a youe’s Atletico have bid £63million for the Denmark international.Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid have all been linked with the 27-year-old playmaker.But Atletico have delivered the first blow and could join Joao Felix at the Wanda Metropong daughter looked at each other and kind of sheepishly laughed when I asked if they both took a vacation day. The man just shook his head with a smile.

“I just called my boss and said something came up and I can’t make it to work,” said the wife, begging the question how naive or out-of-touch with the city the boss must be if he or she fell for the excuse.

Suffice it to say, though, losing a few days of full productivity due to celebrating a trip to the World Series is quite welcome across all of .

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Rangers claim catcher Konrad Schmidt from Diamondbacks


The claimed catcher off waivers from the , the club announced Wednesday.

Schmidt, 28, m teammate Steven Bergwijn.The new signing from PSV Eindhoven scored on debut in victory over Manchester City on Sunday.Spurs defender Alderweireld told AD: “I was particularly impressed by his professionalism.”Sometimes you have guys who excel in thhas played just eight major-league games, notching one hit in 15 at-bats. He has spent the majority of the last two seasons at Triple-A Reno, where he posted a .282/.336/.432 line in 190 games. 

For continued coverage of the 2012-2013 offseason, visit CBSSportlained their surprise swoop for Everton midfielder James McCarthy.McCarthy joiaguire.Dalot admits Maguire is already regarded as a squad leader.He said, “He’s so calm.“He’s settled in perfectly. He’s a very nice guy, very humble, very quick to settle. We’ll keep helping him, but I think he’s already shown everyone on the pitned Crystal Palace from Everton in August 2019, the then-28-year-old had played just one competitive game of football in 20 months.Ahead of his Everton return, Hodgson saids.com’s .

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Clemens moves closer to return to Astros


Roger Clemens is moving closer to returning to the major leagues with the .Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow told CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman that he plans to have a scout watch Clemens pitch for the independent Sugar Land Skeeters on Sept. 7.The strong speculation in baseball has been that if all goes reasonably well that night, Clemens will then pitch for the Astros five days later, on Sept. 12 against the .Clemens, who turned 50 on Aug. 4, last pitched in the big leagues in 2007 with the . He would badmits he’s excited watching his old club dominate the Premier League.For the 4-0 win at Leicester City, the 65-year-old was amazed that the Reds could give a performance of such quality so soon after a gruelling trip to Qatar for the Club World Cup.e on this December’s Hall of Fame ballot, but that eligibility will be delayed for another five years if he pitches for the Astros.In fact, many believe that Clemens’ main motivation in his comeback is to remove himself from this year’s ballot, where his association with performance enhancing drugs would make his election unlikely.The Astros’ motivation would be to grab some attention and perhaps a big crowd at the end of what has been a dreadful season. By starting Clemens on Sept. 12, the Astros could get him two or three starts (and presumaola expects Manchester United to repeat their l Madrid attacker James Rodriguez is unsure about his next move.The Colombia midfielder has just completed a two season loan with Bayern Munich.”I really don’t know anything yet,” James told MARCA after a smile and long pause when asked if he’d be regameplan when the sides meet in the Carabao Cup semi-final on Tuesday.United’s counter-attacking style lead them to a 2-1 victory over City at the Etihad last month.And Guardiola says Ole Gunnar Solskjaerbly big crowds) at home.Clemens has already made one start for the Skeeters,

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Marlins offering tickets on Groupon


(US Presswire)

For all those who still seem to think a new stadium cures all that ails a franchise, we have the sadly predictable tale of the .

Exhibit Q: The Marlins .

Despite their shiny new stadium, Miami is still 18th Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard.With the Blues still to play in the Europa League fina the Rennes’ presidency.Wenger was a candidate for the job after Olivier Letang’s departure.But he explained to RMC, “Regarding Rennes, I am not a candidate because I am working a lot at the moment for the development of the game with FIFA and I focul Real Madrid haven’t been able to make ground in pursuit of the Belgian.”How are we supposed to talk to a club who are playing in a final?,” Perez asked, speaking in attendance in baseball, averaging 28,128 per game, 75.1 percent of capacity. While that’s up dramatically from last season (19,007 per game), it’s still on track to be the worst season attendance-wise for a team in a new stadium since the 1982 .

For more baseball news, rumors and analysis, fror says Pochettino has been relieved of his duties after five-and-a-half years in charge.His assistant Jesus Perez, and coaches Miguel D’Agostino and Antoni Jimenez have also left the club.The manager penned a new five-year contract in May 2018 and ollow on Twitter, subscribe to the and .

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Report: Zach Britton to start Saturday, Orioles option Joe Mahoney


T for Benfica whizkid Joao Felix.Bayern Munich chief Uli Hoeness has confirmed the club’s interest in Sane.The Sunclaim Bayern can have the former Schalke man – if they pay £90m.City would then use that money to pay Benfica for teenage sensation Felihe have optioned first basGenoa coach Aurelio Andreazzoli felt they did not deserve defeat to AC Milan. Lasse Schone had Genoa ahead before Theo Hernandez and Franck Kessie struck for the visitors. Pepe Reina secured the points with an injury-time penalty save.Andreazzoli saieman to clear a 25-man roster spot for Saturday swipe at Cristiano Ronaldo.Amoruso has questioned Ronaldo’s form this season and feels age is catching up on the 34 year-old striker.”For a few months, Cristiano is crawling on the field,” he said. “He should be humble and recognise that he is old a starter , to The Baltimore Sun’s Eduardo A. Encina.

Update: The Orioles have confirmed the transaction via a press release.

With pitcher remaining on the roster for a potential long-relief, the Orioles have just three bench hitters for Saturday’s game against the : C , IF and OF .

Britton’s last major-league start came on Aug. 7 when he allowed seven runs (four earned) in five innings against the . He returns to a 1-1 record, 8.10 ERA and 2.01 WHIP.

Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.com IF/OF could be recalled by the Orioles before long. Flaherty is currently on the disabled list with a bacterial infection.

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