tive for Thursdays maited.The Sun says the Gunners


After missing Wednesday’s game with a foot injury, Nets forward was active for Thursdays maited.The Sun says the Gunners are considering cutting Nketiah’s loan spell at Leeds short amid concerns over his plaam Hotspur on Wednesday.The performance helped secure a valuable three points for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, moving them up to sixth on the table.Rashford now has 12 goals from his latest 13 games, and De Gea is delighted with his form.The Spanish ying time.The 20-year-old is yet to play 90 minutes in the Championship for Leeds this season with Patrick Bamford currently Marcelo Btchup with the Bulls. Wallace is excepted to start at hisame.The Brighton star hopes that he can help his club and international teammate to achieve his full potential.Connolly is a young striker from Galway who made his Premier League debut recently.Speaking about Connolly, Duffy said to reporters: “We al usually spot at small forward.

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Report: Bobcats could deal No. 4 overall draft pick for Chris Bosh


The are deep into their rebuilding process right now. After having the worst season in history in 2011-12, they made some progress in 2012-13 with 21 wins. Their core currently includes 19-year old (second pick in the 2012 draft), 23-year old , and the big man duo of (20 years old) and (24 years old). The Bobcats could really use a big splash in free agency with their cap space to bring in some veterans.

Even if the Bobcats can’t manage to attract a big-name free agent this summer, they can target expensive veterans via a trade with all of their cap flexibility. In a draft that isn’t considered to be very top-heavy, the Bobcats are reportedly looking to move their pick (No. 4 overall) to bring in a veteran player. Could that player be big s enjoying his England battle with Leicester City defender Ben Chilwell.Rose and Chilwell remain in a straight fight for England’s left-back slot – with each fully supportive of the other.“I don’t know if I’m first choice.” said Rose modestly. “Mman ? :

The Charlotte Bobcats are looking to make a splash this summer and are open to trading their first-round pick in a package for an All-Star-caliber plays United were tipped to pay just £135,000 for 16 year-old Mejia’s training rights with the youngster reported to have said goodbye to his teammates.But Real Zaragoza have now hit back and insisted they know nothing about the reported agreement.The yer. There are rumors the Heat will be looking to deal Chris Bosh, and the Bobcats, who are under the salary cap and could accept Bosh’s near-maximum deal, could be a prime candidate.

(Via )

I’m not really sure why the Heat would be thinking about trading Chris Bosh while they’re in the middle of the NBA Finals, and once the Finals are over, they could be sitting on back-to-back championships if Madrid.Barca had chances through Jordi Alba, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez to win the game, but in the end settled for a 0-0 draw.”We know all about these type of games, they’re really hard work,” Rakitic said. “Real Madrid had chances in the first hthey find a way to beat the San Antonio Spurs four times. If that’s the case, it doesn’t seem likely they’d break up a core that has the potential to three-peat the following season.

But if they are targeting big name, high-priced veterans like this report indicates, you can see Rich Cho and Michael Jordan are serious about galvanizing this rebuilding process. A lot of teams sit around and continue to stockpile young players, hoping to either flip them for a veteran down the road or hit a homerun with the development of that young player like the Oklahoma City Thunder plan has shown. The Bobcats giving up potential in order to have more substance on their roster is a good thing.

They just have to target the right veterans to mix with their young guys as they attempt to return to the playoffs.

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Gary Payton says John Stockton was harder to guard than Michael Jordan


Former Seattle Supersonics point guard Gary Payton will be enshrined in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame on Sunday, and in advance, he’s doing the usual amount of press beforehan. In an interview wth Yahoo Sports, “The Glove” made a pretty bold statement: John Stockton was a harder player to guard than Michael Jordan. 

A: “George Gervin was my childhood idol since I was little. In Oakland I had all his posters on my wall. The Iceman poster where he was on ice blocks in that silver suit. He presented to all my other Hall of Fame stuff for retired jerseys at Oregling has scored 23 goals in all competitions, as well as contributing 17 assists.He said: “With the manager bringing more wide players in and me always wanting to be in and around the team.”I realised that was a part of my game I need to do better aton State and my high school. John Stockton is because I liked him when I was playing basketball. Everyone said he was dirty. He wasn’t as athletic as us. But he was smarter than us. We knew what he was going to do. We knew he was going to set [tough] picks. We had all the videos on Utah. We were so dumb. We would get caught up with the picks and get mad at him. He would shoot eight times and make nine. Shoot eight free throws and make seven. He’d have 15 assists and four steals. A complete game. That’s just the way he was and I idolized him. I just imitated him while going about my business, talking trash and getting it done. After the game you would look at my stats and it would be right there.”

A: “Never. That is the reason I really respected him because you never could get in his head. He’s the hardest person I ever had to guard. I tried to talk to him, try to do something and he’d just look at me, set a pick and cause me [to get mad and] get a tech. And then all of the sudden it was over. There was much respect to him doing that to me. It taught me a lot.”

A: “I was. I really think I was better as an athlete and in everything all-around. But he was just a smarter basketball player than us. He just t Liverpool.While Barca were comfortable 3-0 victors for the first-leg of their semifinal, Dembele upset many of his teammates with his lack of work off the ball.Le 10 Sport reports his attitude angered many, with one player source stating: “You can got it done. I do think I was a better basketball player. I can do more things skills-wise. He just showed he knew how to play the game and that was the biggest difference.”

A: “Those battles were a little easier. I would have Jordan get mad at me and go back at me. He knew he was really talented and could do whatever he wanted to. But [Stockton] was more of a challenge to me than guarding someone that would talk back to me. When you talk back to me and say something to me it made my game go to another level. John was one who wouldn’t say nothing and you couldn’t figure him out. He’d keep going in the pick and rolls and he and Karl Malone would score a big bucket. At times I would guard Jordan and get him mad and into other things.”

via .

So, outside of the obvious big point here: anyone on the planet saying that anyone was easier to guard than the Greatest Player of All Time, there’s some interesting ideas here.

First, essentially, Payton is saying that any player who is emotionally compromised is worse than one who’s in control, even Jordan. We have this idea in our heads that “Oh, you shouldn’t make him angry,” but in reality, and I’m spitballing here based on anecodotal evidence, there’s a likelihood for perimeter players under such condtions to gun a little bit more, to be more reckless with their shot selection, to force themselves into scoring positions. There’s a reasonable argument to be made that centers and forwards are better when angry, based on their ability to muscle inside. But guards need more composure to keep ther shooting form consistent. Same height on the jumpshot, same speed on the release, same pressure on the ball. 

With all the advances in biometric data recently, you wonder if eventually there will be actual studies of players to determine whether they play better when physical signs of aggression (“being mad”) are evident. 

Second, hidden in this is the idea that a smart player can essentially neutralize defensive efforts. Payton’s talking about what it feels like to guard each one, not necessarily based on their performance. For example: 


Now, Jordan’s career average was 28 points on 49 percent shooting, meaning he scored more but shot worse against Payton. However, we’re still talking 47 percent from the field, a ridiculously high percentage for a volume scorer against an elite level of defender. Conversely, Stockton averaged 11 points on 52 percent shooting and 11 assists, and that’s right around how he pnamed new manager of Derby County.Cocu has signed a four-year deal to replace Frank Lampard at Pride Park, following his return to Chelsea.Former Dutch international Cocu, 48, will be tasked with leading the Rams to another promotion push, after the layed against Payton. Then again, a lot of that factors in later years with Stockton, where in some years he averaged upwards of 15 points on 54 percent shooting and in some seasons, 15 assists per game (!). 

But the greater point here is that Payton was able to see that his trash talking and tough-handed defense frustrated Jordan, made him work, where as Stockton was able to ignore all that and simply execute. It’s this same set of principles that has made the Spurs so successful. In a lot of ways, it’s like comparing and . You’d obviously say that Kobe Bryant is the better player, but defending Bryant may be easier, in terms of what you can control. What you can’t, however, is their ability to make tough shots. It’sa pretty fascinating discussion. 

Stockton is set to introduce Payton for his Hall of Fame acceptance on Sunday, along with great George Gervin. 

As for the playoffs, well, if you want to see what Payton was able to do, even in a losing effort against the GOAT: 

And those are merely some of the reasons that Payton enters the Hall of Fame on Sunday.

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eg. Miles got kicked Tuesday against Charlotte and


forward of Thursday’s against the Pistons because of a sore left leg. Miles got kicked Tuesday against Charlotte and told the Akexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang anymore.The Brazilian joined Arsenal from rivals Chelsea on deadline day.Asked about his toughest Gunners opponents in the past, Luiz said: “It has to be the strikers! Iat the chance of a return.Derby boss Lampard is the overwhelming favourite to be the next Blues boss when Maurizio Sarri’s exit is confirmed.”I can see Frank managing Chelsea Football Club at some stage in his career,” Hoddle told BBC Sport.“And I t was always this openings I had ron Beacon Journal that his injury has been lingering for a few days.Cleveland will playdi has announced he’s extended his contract with Juventus.The midfielder was due to become a free agent this summer and had been linked with a return to PSG.But Matuidi announced on Sport24 last night: “In my contract there was an option for another four more preseason games before opening the regular season Oct. 30 against Brooklyn.

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VIDEO: Dwight Howard aggravates right shoulder injury again


Uh oh.

Just when things were finally looking up for the , appeared to re-injure his right shoulder.

In the fourth quarter against the  on Wednesday, Howard gathered an offensive rebound and exploded up for a putback, but swiped down hard at the ball. Immediately Howard grabbed at his right shoulder, sitting down in paviving their interest in Juventus striker Mario Mandzukic.TuttoJuve says Manchester United were keen on signing Mandzukic as well as his Juventus team-mate Paulo Dybala during the summer transfer window but the double deal broke down at the eleventh in and he left the game.

He remained on the bench icing the shoulder and did not re-enter the game.

Howard tore his right labrum in a similar manner against the a few weeks ago. He missed a week witht he injury, then re-aggravatewen net 22 times and included in the team of the season.Indeed, at just 22, he has already been linked with a £7 million move to Arsenal.The forward had failed trials at Cardiff and Aston Villa before moving to Hereford as a teenager. He was subsequd it against Memphis, but continued to play. This latest injury could force him to miss more time as well.

“My understanding is, it hurts, it’ll go away in a couple of days and he can play,” said ton attacker Alireza Jahanbakhsh admits his wonder goal against Chelsea was the best of his career.Jahanbakhsh gave Albion a well-deserved share of the spoils with a spectacular overhead kick in the 83rd minute, and the Iranian is thrilled to see hisLaker coach Mike D’Antoni after the game, .

Updates when they’re available.

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Monta Ellis compares himself to Dwyane Wade in the greatest way


If you ask ‘ guard what the differences between himself and two-time champion, one-time Finals MVP are, the only things he can come up with are more wins and a couple of titles.

This video from the Milwaukee Bucks’ telecast last night gave everybody a peek into the scouting report Ellis has for himself. There is something to be said for a player having confidence in his own ability and thinking he’s up there with the best players in the NBA at his position. And while it’s not as bad as ‘s feeling that he can be better than Michael Jordan, it’s certainly not something that anybody outside of Monta’s immediate circle will agree with.

There are so many things I love about this video:

1. He seemingly stares off into the distance when thinking about his against Ajax.Chelsea fought back from being 4-1 down to draw this Champions League tie 4-4 at Stamford Bridge.James’ introduction was key as a he scored in the comeback.And he revealed: “It was a crazy game! They were hard to break down and we took own play. It’s a moment of reflection and fervor for his own game. The sly smile that creeps across his face is just fantastic.

2. The idea of he and Wade being able to compete on both ends also really helped make this video as awesome as possible. Being a three-time All Defensive team member and gambling for steals in passing lanes or letting your man go by you repeatedly so you can possibly poke the ball away from behind are apparently the same level of competing on the defensive end.

3. Shooting inside and outside. Dwyane Wade is making 77.4 percent of his shots at the rim, 41.0 percent of his shots from 16-23 feet, and 31.8 percent of his 3-point attempts (0.9 per game) this season. Monta Ellis is making 59.1 percent of his shots at the rim, 35.0 percent of his shots from 16-23 feet, and 24.7 percent of his 3-point attempts (3.3 per game) this season. It’s like looking into a mirror, Dwyane!

4. The nal Jorginho joined the Blues last summer after enjoying success with Sarri at Napoli.He endured a inconsistent campaign but managed to turn things around towards its conclusion, winning the Europa League with the west London club.However, his agent usage of the third person at the end of the video is where I lose it. It couldn’t be a more perfect ending to how Monta Ellis feethey won last season’s Champions League title.Jurgen Klopp arrived at Anfield in October 2015, but had to wait until last June to claim his first trophy with the Reds, a Champions League final win over Tottenham Hotspur.And Gomez says his team were sls about Monta Ellis. 

5. Did I mention the stares off into the distance? They’re fantastic!

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2013 Offseason Report: Portland Trail Blazers


Over the next month, CBSSports.com’s Eye On Basketball will take a team-by-team look at the 2012-13 offseason. We continue with the .

I don’t want to call what the Trail Blazers did at the end of 2012-13 tanking because I can’t beland for a new coach.Juve must find a new coach to succeed the departing Max Allegri and Toni has nominated Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola as the two names who should be prioritised.He told TMW: “I certainly expect a sure they were trying to position themselves for a weak draft class. However, when you end the season on a 13-game losing streak after hovering around .500, then it’s hard to know exactly what happened. The Blazers’ losses during this stretch came by a margin of 14.2 points. Only three of those games were by single digits.

It sullied a pretty solid season by a group of starters that received zero help from an incredibly thin bench. The only time they received much help at all from the second unit was in the second half of the season after trading for . Maynor provided valuable relief off the bench for about 21 minutes a night, but he was the only consistency they seemed to have.

Rookie of the Year dazzled fans and media members all over the league with his strong play, often stealing the show on many nights. His ability to break players down and score, along with very solid facilitating skills, made him a must-see. vowed to rebound more and he delivered with career highs in rebound average (9.1) and rebounding rate (14.0 percent). gave them solid play from all over the floor and J.J. Hickson went out and got his numbers while playing out of position and providing very little defense. Wes Matthews missed 13 games, but was a great threat behind the 3-point line.

The starters were good and the bench was atrocious. This was the story of the 2012-13 season for the Blazers.

A bench. A center. A center and a bench. The Portland Trail Blazers didn’t have anything resembling either last season.

It may read like I’m trying to hammer home this point about how bad their bench was. That’s because I am. It was that bad. , the Blazers’ bench was the least used and the lowest-scoring bench unit in the league. Stretched out over a rate of 48 minutes per game, they scored the fewest points in the league at 13.4. Only the Indiana Pacers (39.3 percent) had a worse shooting bench than the Blazers (39.9 percent). The Blazers had the worst 3-point shooting bench (29.8 percent) in the NBA. They also had the fewest free throw attempts per 48 minutes (2.7) and the second lowest free throw percentage (68.8 percent).

They had a better chance of Clyde Drexler and Kevin Duckworth coming out of retirement to help them most nights than they did getting Sasha Pavlovic, , , , , and to contribute something consistently.

While Hickson’s raw numbers of 12.7 points per game and 10.4 rebounds per game look really nice, he was a big negative on the court for them. They weren’t good when he was off the court (-2.6 points per 100 possessions) but when he was in the game, they were outscored by 5.3 points per 100 possessions. The Blazers asked him to play out of position at center and he’s already a pish believes Rangers boss Steven Gerrard will be “embarrassed” by the words of Jurgen Klopp.The Liverpool boss tipped the Rangers manager to be his successor whenever he finally leaves Anfield.Writing in the Sunday Post, Dalglish said: “For me, the woor team defender. But his job was to plug a hole for them in the lineup as they were patient to fill it in the offseason and in turn, he got to hunt for his numbers and a new shiny contract elsewhere. 

It was a win-win for both sides, except in the win column. The Blazers needed to address the hole at center this offseason with Meyers Leonard still very much a project.

With the 10th pick in the 2013 draft, the Blazers selected C.J. McCollum, which makes things pretty interesting in their rotation. In many ways, McCollum mirrors what Lillard did in college. He played in a lesser conference than most top prospects do, he stayed four years at Lehigh, and he looked like an incredible scorer. McCollum is an undersized shooting guard in the NBA and it’s unclear just how much he’ll be able to run a team as a point guard.

However, he can put the ball in the hoop and that’s why you go after someone like him. You can get away with small lineups a lot more in today’s NBA than in the past, so running McCollum and Lillard together in the future could be a disaster defensively on the perimeter but it also could be a much bigger headache for the opponent on the other end of the floor. And if you play solid team defense behind those guys, the defensive deficiencies probably won’t matter anyway. Adding a talent like McCollum was a nice find for them at 10 as it adds some much-needed punch to their bench.

The Blazers also grabbed out of Cal-Berkeley. Crabbe was taken 31st in the draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers and traded to Portland for a couple of future second round picks. Crabbe’s an interesting prospect because he has a solid 3-point shot and a lot of length that could make him a rangy defender on the perimeter. He’s still probably quiteummer, with the Englishman hotly tipped to replace the outgoing Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea.Lampard enjoyed an excellent debut season in management with the Rams, as he led them to the Championship playoff final. However, they seem to have found the id some time away from contributing to the rotation, but it’s hard to find better value at 31 than him in this draft.

Neil Olshey took an egregiously bad bench and turned it into a strength without really doing too much. That’s what is so impressive about the way they’ve transformed this bench in roughly a month. Olshey just made small moves here and there to end up with a second unit that could make a lot of teams jealous.

They started by trading two European prospects (Kostas Papanikolau, Mirko Todorovic) along with two second round picks to the Houston Rockets for . Robinson was the fifth pick in the 2012 draft and was expendable for the Rockets as they chased the cap room necessary to sign . Olshey was opportunistic in grabbing a young forward who can come in right away without high expectations and prove to the Sacramento Kings that they shouldn’t have given up on him so early into his rookie year.

Then Olshey signed Dorrell Wright as a backup small forward on the team. Just three seasons ago, Wright led the NBA in 3-pointers made for the Warriors. Olshey then squeezed his way into a three-team deal with the Kings and Pelicans as they tried to get to Louisiana in a sign-and-trade. Portland gave up second round picks, cash, and the draft rights to second round pick to bring in  and .

After that, Olshey signed and to provide depth in the backcourt, which should allow Damian Lillard to pace himself throughout the season.

This was a team that was taxed by the end of the season and I think that’s ultimately the reason we such a swoon by the time we got to late March. This year, assuming everybody is relatively healthy, the Blazers could really run 10-deep with a rotation of Lillard, , Nicolas Batum, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Robin Lopez as the starting unit with Mo Williams, McCollum, Wright, Thomas Robinson and Meyers Leonard in the second unit.

As the Western Conference has become more and more loaded, the Blazers haven’t just sat there twiddling their thumbs and hoping to strike it rich with a big name. They drafted intelligently and positioned themselves via trades as the third team in one deal and as the beneficiary of preying on a team in desperate need of unloading a young, talented player in order to grab cap space.

Olshey looks like he went to the Daryl Morey school of asset acquisition and in the process, he didn’t panic to trade Aldridge when there were rumors of his unhappiness and he just plugged away to fill out a roster that complements a solid core of starters.

It’s hard to find a team that used the offseason as wisely as the Blazers and because of it, we may see a surge toward the playoffs at the end of the 2013-14 season instead of them petering out.

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Video: Derrick Williams’ big putback dunk against the Clippers


Moses this month.Calciomercato.com says Antonio Conte is eyeing a reunion with Moses at Inter Milan.The former Chelsea boss was a fan of Moses’s talents during their time together at Stamford Bridge.Since Conte’s departure, Moses has become an incre

has struggled to find any continuity during the first 80-ish gamManchester City winger Jack Harrison could cut all ties with the club next summer.The Manchester Evening News says Leeds United can make Harrison’s loan spell permanent at the end of the season.The midfielder has shone for Leeds over the last 18 months.And Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa would love to keep Harrison at Elland Road long-term.es of his career, but every once in a while, he’s good for a big dunk like this.

When he was playing with last year, he found a lot of easy ways to score because Rubio put him in positions to get buckets. When he’s had to do more of it on his own, he’s struggled. But with this putback dunk against the Wednesday night, Williams showed us that he’s still capabGreenwood says he must trust his own ability as he continues his journey at Manchester United.The 18-year-old has shown his quality as a first-team player this season, having scored 10 goals across all competitions.And Greenwood knows continuing to ble of adding to the highlight reel when given the opportunity.

(H/T to )

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Heat say Beasley not injured by self-abuse


told reporters Friday that during Thursday’s was not caused by him hitting himself. 

saying Beasley was elbowed in addition to him punching himself. Beas: “I watched the video and it do look like I knocked myself out.”

— Joseph Goodman (@JoeGoodmanJr)

Friday morning, video was released that shows Beasley hitting himself, but reportersain in the hunt for Newcastle United midfieldeon for former Blues star Cesc Fabregas.Ampadu played first team football with Cesc before the Spaniard left for AS Monaco.He told chelseafc.com: “Technically he was different class. “He stood out with his long-range passing, but not just that; the por Sean Longstaff.The London Evening Standard says United are locked in talks with Leicester City over Harry Maguire, but are refusing to meet their £90million valuation for the England international. Exe indicated the clip doesn’t show the extent of the self-abuse.

So maybe Beasley didn’t injure himself weirdly beating upon himself. The fact that so many people went “Yup, sounds like Beasley” when they heard the story kind of tells you wheron to have Jamie Carragher as part of his backroom staff at Liverpool .Rodgers took the helm at Anfield in 2012 and initially sounded out Carragher, who was a senior pro and club legend at the Reds, over joining the coaching setup.But the Northern Ire he’s at in people’s minds.

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pite dealing with a hip injury. “He’s good. He’s g


Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he expects forward to play in Game 3 despite dealing with a hip injury. “He’s good. He’s good to go,” Rivers said Wednesday during a conference call with reporters. “He’ll practice tomorrow, and he’ll play on Friday.” Garnett appeared to clutch his stomach while going fordy set.This week, Roma confirmed that they’ve established negotiations with new investors amid reports of the Friedkin Group being in contact.Il Messaggero says the Qatari royal family’s Mayhoola for Investments has shown interest, along with Qa joined Nottingham Forest from Brighton for an undisclosed fee.The left-back, 31, spent four-and-a-half years at Albion.Seagulls boss Graham Potter said: “I have only worked with Gaetan for six months or so, but I do know all about the part he playedtar S a rebound early in the fourth quarter, but he wouldn’t let Rivers take him out of the game. “He got hit in the hip, very similar to having ason was satisfied with their 0-0 draw against Arsenal.The match was played out with a backdrop of new Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Blues counterpart Carlo Ancelotti watching on as spectators.Ferguson said: “We wanted three points but what a fanta hip pointer in football. It’s affecting him. I was concerned he was grabbing something else,” Rivers said. “In a couple timeouts, I was asking if he was OK.”

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First look at the Brooklyn Nets’ uniforms?


Another day, another accidental uniform leak. At least it appears as such.

We’ve known about the ‘ new look for months, at least that they’re now black and white and that Jay-Z designed their logo. , we’ve got our first look at the actual uniforms.

Essentially what you’d expect, I think. Simple, plain and black and white. They say “Brooklyn” across the home chest, which is a little unique. Most times home uniforms say the team name and the away ones have the city name.

Nothing groundbd their sqis former team in their celebrations as he continues his brave comeback from a brain tumour, which was removed in an operation.Detailing his meeting with fellow full-back Robertson, Enrique told liverpoolfc.com: “I said to him after the game at theuad building after another difficult week.Pressure is mounting on Solskjaer to make January signings after Wednesday’s 2-0 home defeat by Burnley.It was a second straight Premier League loss and the players were jeered.”We’ve had one properreaking, nothing that eye-catching. But certainly solid duds aaway Real Madrid attacker James Rodriguez says he should stay with Atletico.The Colombia captain is a target for Napoli, while Atleti are now being linked.Stepfather Juan Carlos Restrepo told Cadena SER: “If you are closer to Napoli or Atlético, yound ones that fit in well with the re-branding of the franchise. But I’d like to see them on a, you know, real life human being before completely judging them.

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Video: Terrence Jones becomes Kaboom Incarnate in massive dunk over Jodie Meeks


Terrence Jones has had a hard time getting on the floor this season. We’re not sure why, he was a fantastic rookie in summer league, aurizio Sarri.The Italian has guided the Blues to a third-placed finish and the Europa League final, which will be played against Arsenal on Wednesday in Baku.But Johnson, who played alongside Lampard, believes Sarri’s future has already been decidedhe’s a top-20 pick, he fills a need for the Rockets, as to continue following the increasing spread of coronavirus.The Premier League club were forced to face Olympiacos in the Europa League last-16 in Greece on Thursday.UEFA rejected Wolves’ request to cancel the game after it was learnt that Olympiacond he had a great preseason. 

And apparently he has a feeling that he should be playing more, too. He had 8 points in the first half vs. LA Sunday night, none bigger than this absolute explosion/detonation/other violent words over Jodie un hopes for more chances in the coming games.The Turk has been consigned to the bench for the majority of the campaign thus far and is still yet to make a start in all competitions for the Blues as of yet.”I have waited a long, long time for this chMeeks. 

Lord have mercy. Maybe the kid will get time, now. Though I doubt he’ll be getting a Christmas card from Jodie Meeks. 

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there are clubs that wanted me at that time,” Ata


guaand PSG are reportedly interested in signing the 23-year-old.”Yes, there are clubs that wanted me at that time,” Atal told Canal+. “Last year it was too early [for a departure]. And even today, I’m focusing on another great season.”Yes, I can play iving a huge season.The newly promoted side emerged victorious against Crystal Palace during their second gatar Aurelio Buta is attracting Premier League interest.The Mirror says Wolves are set to land Buta on loan when the January transfer window opens.Wolves are working on a loan deal to bring Royal Antwerp’s Buta to Molineux in January.Nuno Espirito Sanme of the season.While they have a long way to go if they wish to secure their top flight status for another season, Lundstram is already encounrd during Friday’s , which will require him to miss a “few days,” head coach Tom Thibodeau told the Chicago Tribune Saturday.

Hinrich could be back healthy before the start of the regular season. He’ll need to go through the league’s concussion protocol before he is cleared to play again. 

The Bulls open the season Oct. 29 at Miami.

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Kobe Bryant likely out Monday against Phoenix


Technically, has only missed one game because of his sprainedurgen Klopp admits he’s a big fan of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy.The Reds go to Leicester on Boxing Day having won the Club World Cup.”We will try [to stop him],” Klopp said of Vardy.”He is one of the top three strikers in England since I have left ankle. After trying toerico Varandas, the Sporting CP president, has a plan. And it does involve Bruno Fernandes. But whether this scheme stretches to Manchester United… well, we’ll know more this week.Varandas was in London on Friday. As was his sporting director Hugo give it a go Friday against Indiana, Bryant sat down after an 0-for-4 start in 12 minutes of play.

Kobe then sat Sunday against Sacramento and is expected to sit again Monday against , :

Bryant is considered doubtful to play Monday in Phoenix, according to a Lakers spokesman.

If Bryant doesn’t play against the Suns, he will cht player-manager Vincent Kompany has returned to Manchester City for coach Simon Davies.Anderlecht made the announcement on Saturday, saying that the 45-year-old Welshman had signed a contract until 2022 to join ‘TeamKompany’. Davies is a former Mahave three more days of rest and treatment before the Lakers play their next game Friday night against Washington.

Sitting Monday means Kobe could have four more days of rest because the don’t play again until Friday when they host the Wizards. And with the team playing well and actually building a small playoff cushion, the Lakers have that luxury to let Kobe sit.

If the Lakers decided to hold Kobe out Friday against Washington, that would give him a full week’s rest. Considering the games aren’t against that challenging of opponents, it might be a wise move, too.

Without Kobe, guard started in his place on Sunday night. In the two games that Kobe has sat, the Lakers are 2-0.

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Warriors open talks with Jazz, others to move Andrew Bogut


Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that the have entered into talks with several teams to try to move their big cap-devouring pieces in order to clear space for free agents (not necessarily ). 

League sources tell CBSSports.com that Golden State has offered the likes of , and to the , and Jazz. The Warriors would have to unload two of the three in order to clear enough space to land Howard in a straight free-agent signing, and Atlanta, Cleveland and Utah essentially are the only teams with that kind of room.

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Meanwhile, ESPN isolates Utah as the leader in taking Bogut. 

The , sources said, have expressed the strongest in taking back Bogut, who played his way into the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft out of the University of Utah.

The Jazz and Warriors are in talks, sources say, with Utah possessing the requisite salary-cap space. The Jazz also have an opening to take in Bogut’s contract and have an openin about the qualities of SerConor Coady was left delighted with their Europa League win against Crusaders.Wolves won the first-leg of their qualifier 2-0.Coady said, “We wanted to make sure that we set the foundations for the whole season, and I think we’ve started with a googe Gnabry many years ago.The Bayern Munich star has shown his quality in Germany, after he struggled to make an impact in the Premier League with Arsenal and Stoke.Gnabry has burst onto the scene with Germany, scoring for fg for a big man after letting walk away without compensation to come to terms on a three-year deal worth nearly $41 million to sign with Charlotte.

via  bracing for worst with Dwight Howard, sources say – ESPN Los Angeles.

The Jazz have cap space, with still out on the free agent market (though conversations have been held accordin Montreal.A group of supporters waited outside the team’s hotel in Montreal to catch a glimpse of the players on Tuesday, but Bale had no interest in interacting with the Canadian public or signing a few autographs.The Welshman had his headphones in g to multiple reports, between the two parties) and with AL Jefferson signing with the . So they can absorb at least Bogut along with maybe one of the other pieces Golden State’s trying to dump. 

It would be a curious decision by the Jazz. They’ve had a logjam down low for years with Jefferson clogging up minutes for and Millsap taking minutes from  So adding Bogut would be problematic in that respect. Bogut is a simply awesome force when healthy (as seen at times in the playoffs) but also constantly injured. His playoff performance was a shock to many since he coudn’t play for most of the year due to recovery from surgery on his ankle. 

the latest indications center around them trying to move “only” Jefferson and Biedrins, but there aren’t going to be many takers there unless the Warriors give up or with them, or every pick they will ever have again.

So we’ll have to see where Howard chooses, and how the dominos fall, but it certainly seems that the Warriors are going to make every attempt to upgrade the roster that had a scintillating playoff run before losing the in six games. 

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