Friday 5 with KB 5.18.12: Coming Up Green


In this week’s edition of , the Senior Writer talks whether God is a fan, if Miami can pull itself off the ledge, and how great Frank Vogel has been. Maybe Tom Heinsohn is God. Or Red Auerbach has God hooked on cigars. Either way, the Celtics really aren’t ready to go away. When the playoffs started with the injury to and the ‘s loss of , it looked like the basketball gods were clearing a path to the Finals for the Heat. Now, that path is paved in four-leaf clovers. The Heat are in for a tough battle. It’s amazing that , the supposed third wheel in the Heat’s Big Three, turned out to be the glue that was holding LeBron and Wade together. His absence has oneplicate last season’s famous comeback over PSG in the Champions League after their Carabao Cup defeat to Manchester City.The Red Devils are down 3-1 after the semi-final first leg at Old Trafford, the same deficit they overturned against PSG in the ly reinforced the difficult balancing act that LBJ and D-Wade have to walk in terms of being the Heat’s focal point. The ‘ balance has really exposed Miami for being a top-heavy team, but let’s not forget how good they are at tnal attacker Mesut Ozil is a non-starter.The Ozil link has been made because of the Germany international’s Turkish heritage and he is married to former Miss Turkey Amine Gulse.It had been billed as the biggest deal in Turkish football history but hehe top. Despite Miami’s limitations at every other position, LeBron and Wade really are good enough to win this series by themselves. But they have to get on the same page, and fast. They’re certainly humming along. If the somehow wake up and come back against OKC, I think the Spurs could exploit their many weaknesses fairly routinely — which would make my pick of the Lakers going to the Finals loite is grateful to the Barcelona support for the way they’ve welcomed him.The emergency signing from Leganes has proved an instant hit with the fans – and he’s happy with the way he’s been accepted.He told Mundo Deportivo: “Of course, it was a surpriok, um, silly. I still wouldn’t rule out OKC in a Spurs- matchup, though. The Thunder are so much more than their star power. They’re becoming a mentally tough, stylistically complete team. And if they can limit their turnovers, they’ll be right there with the Spurs in a long series. They need shooters. Or, as coaches like to say, they don’t need shooters as much as they need makers. So if ‘s final championship chase isn’t going to be successful with the inside-out formula of Gasol and Bynum, then clearly one of them has to be traded. If Kobe falls short here, expect major changes. If not for the greatness of Popovich and Thibodeau, Vogel would’ve been coach of the year. Amazing job getting thus far with a star-less team, and his game-planning of the Heat has been a clinic in exploiting matchups and weaknesses.

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at will likely pay him the minimum. Daye has avera


The Raptors signed free-agent forward to a two-year contract Aug. 1 that will likely pay him the minimum. Daye has averaged 5.6 points and 2.8 rebounds per game in four seasons sinmpressed in training.The new signing for the Hornets is in line to make his debut against West Ham United at the weekend.And Capoue has been impressed with what he has seen from the 21-year-old Senegalese forward.Speaking to the club website, he saidce being the No. 15 picks in the 200 Felix was delighted to score in victory over Real Madrid.Los Rojiblancos beat Real Madrid 7-3 in a friendly in New Jersey.”I am very ise after Holland’s rout of Estonia.Propper impressed as the Dutch won the their final Euros qualifier 5-0.Pundit Marcel Peeper was impressed, though says the midfielder won’t be a starter in next summer’s Euros.”He didn’t jump out. Davy played more happy because we won, but it was pre-season game and it helps our teamwork,” Joao Felix said.”I was to play well and9 draft.

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ontraa and every other player who suffers at the h


The Lakers announced the signing of free-agent center to a one-year contraa and every other player who suffers at the hands of the boo-boys.The Spurs left-back admits life can be tough for footballers given the scrutiny they are under.Davies said: “I spoke to a ­psychologist we had at Wales and he said that footballers ct early in free-agency. Kaman, a one-time all-star, will make $3.2 million for the Lakers this season, after spending the previous season with the Mavericks. Kaman averaged 10.5 points and Jurgen Klopp aftager Eddie Howe says that he is embracing the transfer gossip that surrounds Premier League clubs every summer.Much like other teams in the top division, the Cherries are surrounded by rumors regarding incomings and outgoings in the next few months.Wer their first meeting.The 27-year-old has become one of the most dangerous players in the Premier League under the guidance of Klopp since arriving from Southampton in 2016 in a £34million deal.”He was talking too much and I said, ‘5.6 rebounds per game for Dallas last season, and will be in the mix to start at center, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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OUTLOOK: Iman Shumpert


Raymond Felton will be the main man at point guard for the this season but and Pablo Prigioni are going to fight for minutes at the backup spot with Jason Kidd now the coach of the Brooklyn Nets. While Prigioni has the experience, Shumpert has the youth and upside behind Felton. Entering his third season, Shumpert averaged 6.8 points and 1.7 assists per game last year over 45 contests. He had trouble staying healthy, but was much more impressive during his rookie year when he averaged 9.5 points, 3.2 rebounds anchester United to drop his valuation.The Sun says United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has given the wantaway striker until Wednesday to thrash out a deal to join Inter Milan.If Lukaku fails to meet the deadline, Solskjaer will look to bring him back innd 2.8 assists per game over 35 starts. He did make 51 3-pointers last year in 45 games, and will be counted on for that r Solskjaer.Fernandes has hailed Solskjaer for helping him adjust to life at United.He told Sky Sports: “I think the coach is always important for a new player when you come in.“With me, it was really important because you need to feel confidenceproduction once again. With Kidd gone, expeCrystal Palace.While he did not think the performance against Palace was particularly bad, Cathcart admitted the Hornets were frustrated by the Eagles’ game plan.”We’ve shown what we can do, last week is an example of that,” he said.”I think with thect Shumpert’s minutes to rise. That makes him a sleeper candidate for deeper Fantasy leagues. 

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Winners, losers in Dwight Howard-to-Houston deal


With , we break down the winners and losers from the saga that would seemingly never end.

Duh. They got a top-five player in the (when healthy). They got a franchise center to pair with . All of their moves over the past five years have paid off big-time and they can officially call themselves contenders. They beat out the for retaining their own player, for crying out loud. That never happens. Houston has become a juggernaut by turning over all but two players from the team that finished the 2012 season ( and ). It was the biggest gamble Houston could make but it paid off, and now they have the core elements of an elite team in place. They got Dwight Howard. They win. 

Come on, he gets paid a ridiculous amount of money, that’s always a win. But also, Howard for once in his life made a bold decision. Forcing his way out of Orlando was cliche and predictable. Wanting to go to a big market was cliche and predictable. But leaving the Los Angeles Lakers? That’s bold. Wanting to follow in Hakeem Olajuwon’s footsteps instead of Shaquille O’Neal’s? That’s bold. Trusting in a team that has consistently shown it can make smart moves to put together good players over a team that throws money at problems? Really bold. The decision to team up with a team with strong ties to the Chinese market, to build with a young superstar with no injury problems in James Harden, to partner with a big-man coach who can be the figure he’s looked for for so long in Kevin McHale? Those are all parts of a smart decision, a recent development for Howard. 

Many superstars wait years for their team to acquire someone to help them. Harden landed one his very first summer. He gets a pick-and-roll partner, a primary weapon to feed the ball to, a guy to cover his defensive limitations (the quietly understated part of this) and another guy to share the blame and credit with. Harden’s decision to trust the Rockets when he agreed to the trade and extension with them pays off big time. 

Chandler Parsons: So many Magic players had career seasons shooting because of the spacing Howard provided. He’s about to have all the space in the world to launch from the perimeter. 

They may have just gotten the entrance of one of the best franchises in all of sports, and one of the luckiest, in the Lakers. Would it shock you to see the Lakers walk out with a top-three pick next year, landing Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parke, or Julius Randle? Any one of those guys could be the bridge to the future for the franchise, and in a league where getting drafted to the wrong team can end your career, it puts them in great position. Someone could wind up as a star for the Lakers without having to abandon their old team first. 

We don’t have to cover this nonsense anymore. Wait, I’ve just jinxed it, Dwight will now vealed the hidden meaning behind the flat cap he wore for their Premier League title parade on Monday.Guardiola revealed the accessory was a gift from the wife of City’s life president Bernard Halford, who died in March at the age of 77.”One week agodemand a trade. 

The only team to survive the Dwight Howard trade of 2012 . 

Are they really losers here? It was a bad fit from the start. The fates just had it out for this superstar team from the moment it was constructed. They get to start over, it gives them a reason to move , to start fresh, to clean house, and target the next great Laker in 2014. Howard was a headache, inside the locker room and out, never got along with , who the Lakers simply cannot let go of, and never clicked with anyone else. Bringing him back would mean wholesale changes not of their impetus and the team never works like that. They do what they decided, because they’re the Lakers, and no player, no matter how great, is above them. 

… But on the other hand, they did lose the best center in the league (when healthy), the franchise’s bridge to a post-Kobe future, an All-Star, a highly marketable star, and a great player. Maybe more than anything, they lost the air of invincibility that has surrounded them for so long. A max player chose to go somewhere else rather than get paid more money by the Lakers. That was inconceivable a year ago. Yet here we are. 

You’ve seen the movie Madmed that goalkeeper Petr Cech will start in the last game of his career.Cech will be in goal for the Europa League final against Chelsea, as he bids farewell to a long and storied career in the game.Emery has confirmed that a decision about who start Max, or one of those post-apocalyptic video games? That’s the Mavericks, with the only survivor in a toxic wasteland. The Mavericks cleared the decks for Howard, going all the way back to the summer of 2011. They broke up a championship team for him, then let go of as much as possible to clear room for him this summer. They whiffed on , they whiffed on Howard, and now have to try to manufacture a new future where Nowitzki is able to remain in Dallas and still compete for titles. Not to get too overdramatic, but Nowitzki is looking at the very real possibility of not making the playoffs again in his career. No one wants him to go out like that, but honestly, the Mavericks needed Howard if they were going to bank as much as they did on him. 

Again, not a huge loss, but a loss. They wanted Howard, it would have changed their plans dramatically. But Danny Ferry has hedged his bets and not gone all-out with any signings to limit his cap space. He’s got draft picks, the freedom to reshape the team or tank, and still has good players in and . But getting tied up in the Dwightmare did hold them up from being more aggressive and took their attention away from what they could have been doing with smaller, smarter hires. Not a big loss, but definitely not a winner. 

Even less of a loser than Atlanta, the Warriors landed  on Friday, so they did pretty well. They didn’t get Dwight, so they land here, but no biggie. 

Yes, he’s a loser here, too. He walked away from the most succesful franchise in NBA history. No matter how bold or innovative the choice is, some in the basketball world will crush him for not signing with the Lakers. That’s what you’re supposed to do. It will be sold that he somehow couldn’t handle the “pressure” of playing in LA, where in reality, the media environment is soft and the fans not nearly as vindictive as in places like New York. He’s walking away from $30 million and the chance to someday have a statue outside Staples along with Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

But more than anything, Dwight’s reputation may never be the same. He subjected the world to this drawn-out saga over two years. Two years! And in that time seemed to be solely concerned with people liking him, while betraying multiple fan bases that investd in him. He wanted a trade, but only to where he wanted to go, then he accepted such a trade, then bailed on that team. That’s a bad look for anyone, and the more Howard tried to get out of thrama as he private jet slid off John Lennon Airport’s runway.Gordon was onboard the private jet that skidded off the runway at John Lennon Airport this morning. The airport was closed after the incident.The Bombardier BD-700-1A11 Global 6000 jet, whiat environment, the more he fed into it. 

was the most-hated person in sports for a long time, but at least what he did was mercilessly quick.

Not only is he recovering from a torn Achilles tendon, but it may have been his prideful “Let me teach you” speech to Howard that drove him away and hurt his chances to team with Howard for runs at those last two rings he wants. Pride goeth before the fall. 

Unless Dwight changes his mind…

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Dirk Nowitzki to make first start tonight for Mavericks


(Getty Images)

The next step on ‘s full road to recovery: return to the starting lineup.

And according to Rick Carlisle, via the Dallas Morning-News, he’ll do that Saturday against the New Orleans Hornets.

It’ll be Nowitzki’s first start of the season since returning from arthtroscopic right knee surgery. He’s appeared in six games for , all coming off the bench.

In those six games, the Mavs are 1-5 with Dirk averaging just 10.0 points and 4.3 rebounds in 22.2 minutes. He showed very positive signs, though, in the Mavs’ overtime loss to the Heat on Wednesday, playing 29 minutes and scoring 19 points, including a patented Dirk one-legged dagger late confidence.Having publicly urged Bale to find himself a new club during preseason, Zidane is now singing a different tune.The Frenchman said, “He’s of an impressive quality. Today he is with us and we are all happy. We must look forward. “If he is i in the fourth.

Carlisle has said previously that he’s monitoring Dirk’s minutes, looking to play him somewhere above 20 minutes, but less than 30.

“It’s a 48-minute proposition,” Carlisle told reporters. “Starting him doesn’t guarantee anything. It’s just part of tha.The Uruguay international joins on a one-year deal.The deal is reported to include the option of a second season.The 32-year-old recently ended his third spell with Juve, where he made nine appearances and won his fifth Scudetto.#Caceres è un nuove process of reintegration. We just feel like we’re at the point where it’s time to do that, anntus midfielder Claudio Marchisio told Paul Pogba he was wrong to quit Turin for Manchester United.Pogba opted to make the move back to Old Trafford after four successful seasons with Italian giants Juve, rejoining United in a club-record £89milliond he feels the same way.

“We’re still going to have different lineups, so we’re going to keep working on all of it. There’s no rest breaks this season. It’s all work. It’s all attention to detail.”

The Mavs are already in a pretty deep hole, though, sitting at 13-20 and 4 1/2 games back of the eight-seed in the West. But a little return to normalcy, with Dirk being the featured weapon as a starter, should certainly help.

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Bobcats open free agency with pursuit of Al Jefferson


that the are opening up the 2013 free agency period by pursuing forward/center . 

Jefferson averaged 18 points and nine rebounds last season for Utah, and is considered one of the best available free agents in this class. He would instantly become the best player on the rebuilding Bobcats, who drafinterested in Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren.Lovren is ready to leave the Reds, but has seen talks with Roma fall through in the last week.BILD says Bayer are in the market for a new centre-half and are weighing up a late move for Lovren.Roma and Lited forward/center Cody Zeller in Thursday’s draft. 

Jefferson is the kind of player the Bobcats can afford to toss a huge offer to, and take a gamble on. Paired with ,question on the fitness of Harry Kane.
Spurs advanced to the Champions League after beating Ajax on away goals in Amsterdam on Wednesday night.England captain Kane ta is on an 18 month loan at Atletico, where he can be signed permanently for €18m.However, with Chelsea’s appeal against a transfer ban rejected by FIFA this week, AS says they want Atletico to make a decision this summer.If Atletico want to keep is currently sidelined with an ankle problem and an enquiry about his fitness severe the Bobcats’ frontcourt might be able to make a little bit of progress since…. the establishment of the franchise. 

The Jazz have sent mixed signals about their intentions regarding efforts to re-sign Jefferson. The cats 

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Raptors buy out Marcus Camby


If intends to continue his caf the Women’s Continental League Cup competition.Holders City were drawn to face United in Group C, alongside Birmingham City, Everton and second-tier Leicester City.The top two clubs from each group will progress to January’s quarter-finals.Group-streer, he’ll need to find his ninth team to play on. 

The announced Wednesday they have , placing the center on waivers. 

The 39-year-old big man was traded to the Raptors a few weeks ago in the deal that sent Andrea Bargnani to the Knicks. Camby was set to make $4.3 million next season. By waiving him, the Raptors shave a little salary off theer.The Gabon striker has been linked with Manchester United or a move to China.It was believed Arsenal may seek to cash inague start of the season in Sunday’s loss to Sheffield United.A regular in the Canaries’ Championship title-winning campaign, the Bosnia and Herzegovina international has struggled with a calf injury since preseason.”It felt great. I quite enjoyed it before his value plummets.However, Emery indicates he wants to keep both Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette for next season.Arsir roster as well as open up another valuable roster spot. 

Camby now has the opportunity to try to find a contender as the long-time vet doesn’t have much interest in playing for a rebuilding team. Or he could simply retire, which seems to be a very real option.

With the Knicks last season, Camby averaged 1.8 points and 3.3 rebounds in 24 games. 

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Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony day-to-day, will be re-evaluated


(Getty Images)

The might have to have a contingency plan for Wednesday in case their star forward, , isn’t available to play. during the seconain.Currently without a permanent club captain, midfielder Graint Xhaka has been wearing the armband so far. Speaking on Sky Sports’ The Debate, Merson said: “David Luiz has got to be captain, he’s a serial winner. “People have a go at him because ond quarter of Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Anthony apparently woke up this morning and didn’t feel right. :

Carmelo Anthony is day-to-day with a right knee injury and will be re-evaluated before Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Pistons, Knicks coach Mike Woodson said Tuesday on ESPN New York 98.7 FM’s The Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco Show.

Anthony did not reited this month.The France midfielder’s priority has been to move to Real Madrid this summer, but the Spanish giants have struggled to agree terms with United.United are adamant Pogba won’t leave for less than € says Juve haventurn after injuring his right knee in the first half of Monday’s 102-97 victory over the ClevelanLaurent Koscielny.RMC says Koscielny’s refusal to travel with the squad to the US stunned Arsenal chiefs and he was quickly expected to sign for Bordeaux. But now he appears to be Rennes-bound.It is thought the French defender will cost around £10mid Cavaliers.

“Today I just woke up, and you know how some days you really don’t feel right,” Anthony said after the game. “I came out here and I tried to warm up and I thought it was going to loosen up before the game, but some of the things that I was doing, I felt like I was dragging it.”

With the Detroit Pistons battling injuries of their own, the Knicks probably shouldn’t need Carmelo to play in Wednesday night’s game, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have him in the lineup and affecting the opposing defense the way he usually does. The Knicks did manage to dispatch the Cavs on Monday night after a horrible first half.

And although a win over the Pistons would be great as New York fights for playoff positioning in the Eastern Conference (currently a half-game out of the No. 2-seed behind the Indiana Pacers), having their best player completely healthy and on the court for the long haul of the rest of the season and the playoffs is much more important than having him available against Detroit.

Melo not having any apparent structural damage after undergoing an MRI is encouraging news.

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Heat-Pacers: Early 3-point shooting keeping Miami afloat


Basketball pioneer Abe Saperstein brought the 3-point line to the American Basketball League in 1961. The ABL was the first professional league to adopt the 3-point shot and within 23 years, every professional league in the basketball world had adopted the shot. 

The should be worshipping the ground Abe Saperstein walked on because the 3-point shot is the only thing working for them in the first half of Game 6 against the . In what could potentially be the last game of the Eastern Conference finals, the Pacers have pretty much shut down every method of manufacturing points for the Heat except for at the 3-point line. And it’s at the 3-point line where the Heat have steadied themselves against the best 3-point defense in the . 

The Heat have struggled on any shot inside the 3-point arc in the first half. They didn’t struggle as much as the Pacers did with completing dunks, but it was pretty close. They were just 9 of 34 (26.4 percent) on 2-point shots. This was mostly due to incredible defensive rotations by the Pacers and looking like he was joining ‘s suspension in spirit. Almost every shot was contested by the Pacers and the Heat seemed completely stagnant and timid on offense. 

However, Miami thrived at the 3-point line. Check out their 3-point shooting in the first five games against the Pacers (left) and their 3-point shooting in the first half of Game 6 (right):

made both of his attempts in the first half, hit his one attempt from the right corner, knocked down a long attempt, hit 2 of 3 from downtown, and went 1 of 2. Allen’s miss was followed by an offensive rebound and another try at the long ball, which was successful. 

The questions are will the 3-point shot be there all nigbblica says United and Paris Saint Germain are interested in signing Donnarumma.United are sizing up a potential offer of €50-55 million to sign the young Italian if David De Gea leaves in the summer.Donnarumma shares with United star Paul Pogba thht for Miami and will it be enh Friedhelm Funkel praised Zak Steffen after their 1-1 draw with Hoffenheim.Having conceded four in defeat to Bayern Munich, the on-loan Manchester City goalkeeper was back to his best on the weekend, producing two wonder saves in the second-half.Funough to get the Heat into the NBA Finals? They have to get more going toward the basket and take advantage of the miscues by the Pacers inside. They’ve let them off the hook so far in this game and failed to be opportunistic.

You can live by olific goalscorer in Norway’s history.The 27-year-old has 16 goals for his country, some way behind Jorgen Juve’s record of 33 goals.King told the Cherries website: “I’m trying to get the record for Norway.”It’s 33 and I’m on 16 now. I’m 27 and have the 3 and die by the 3, but it’s best to mix a few more options in there if you want to beat the best defense in the league. 

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Report: Houston Rockets looking to trade up in NBA Draft, targeting Andre Drummond?


are reportedly eyeing Andre Drummond. (Getty Images)

Rockets GM Daryl Morey has made it clear that he believes NBA teams need to be prepared to take calculated risks in the Draft if they plan to hit home runs. Ccastle United insiders insist there’s been no contact with former AC Milan coach Rino Gattuso.The Evening Chronicle says Newcastle have not made any moves to speak to Gattuso – despite reports in Italy touting him as a replacement for Rafa Benitez.Gaould Houston be pursuing just such a path this week week?

that the Rockets have exchanged communication with multiple teams in the top-8 about a possible move up the Draft board with UConn center Andre Drummond seen as a possible target.

Although sources stressed that no deal is imminent, (No. 5) and (No. 8 ) have let Houston know that their top-10 selections are available. Sources say that the Rockets, in turn, have made both of their first-round picks available (No. 14 and No. 16), but the key to any trade going through could be point guard .

What’s clear from the Rockets’ end, sources say, is the player they’re fondest of in the upper reaches of the draft: UConn big man Andre Drummond. Many scouts believe Drummond has the second highest upside of any player in the draft behind consensus No. 1 overall pick Anthony Davis, but the 7-foot, 279-pounder would almost certainly still be available at No. 5. 

Houston has been mired in the middle, having failed to make the playoffs in three consecutive seasons despite posting a winning record in each. Lowry, who recently expressed dissatisfaction with coach Kevin McHale, is available because the Rockets are expected to pursue re-signing free agent point guard , who stepped into a starting role when Lowry was sidelined with a virus. 

Lowry would be an upgrade for both the Kings and the Raptors at the point guard position and his reasonable $5.75 million contract (which runs through 2013-14) makes him a very attractive target for any team in need of a starting caliber point guard. Both Sacramento and Toronto should demand him in any trade involving their pick, considering his availability al Busquets’ signature.Sport says Busquets is set to leave Barcelona B and get regular, competitive playing time with FC Twente in the Eredivisie this season.Both clubs are finalising the details of a 12-month loan deal – without an option to make it nd their struggles in recent years and need for proven talent. 

The Rockets, with some promising young talent on the wings, do have a major hole to fill in the middle. Veteran center saw his contract expire. While he’s said that he wants to be back in Houston he’s no longer capable, at 38 years of age, to play starter’s minutes and r years away from being a title contender.United’s winless run extended to three games on Saturday as they were held to a 1-1 draw by 10-man Southampton at St. Mary’s.”On that showing today you have to feel there is a good three or four transfer windoemain healthy for an entire season. Houston’s other center, , is on a partially-guaranteed deal, making him excellent trade bait.

The book on Drummond is fairly open at this point: excellent body, questionable motor, good shot-blocker, terrible free-throw shooter. He’s a project who could become dominant or fizzle but he’s seen as a solid value in this class if he slips out of the top-4 due to his size, quickness and youth.

For Houston, endlessly spinning its wheels, it’s probably time to go big or go home and shake up the snowglobe this summer. And you can’t go bigger in the Draft than Drummond.

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his time at Newcastle United.Owen has revealed in


Bucks forward was forced to sit out Wednesday’s game in Orlando,bout his time at Newcastle United.Owen has revealed in his new autobiography that joining Toon in 2005 was one of his only career rror says West Ham have told Olympiakos they are prepared to pay £15m for Greece midfieldIdrissa Gueye.RMC says a fee has now been settled with Gueye due to move to Paris.PSG will pay €30m up front with a further €2m due in bonuses.For his part, the Senegal midfielder is close to agreeing terms over a four-year PSG deal. A fifth yearer Fortounis.But the Hammers will not be held to ransom over the 26-year-old, with Newcastle’s Isaac Hayden still their preferred choice to bolster the engine roegrets.Allardyce managed the former England international at St. James’ Park and agrees that he was never comfortable a due to an illness. He is considered day to day with the ailment.

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Raptors F Andrea Bargnani done for the season with elbow injury


The Raptors announced Wednesday that forward  is done for the season. 

The announced Wednesday that forward Andrea Bargnani is expected to be sidelined for the remainder of the 2012-13 season with an avulsion sprain of the right elbow. This injury is not related to his previous right elbow injury that sidelined him for 26 games (December 12-February 3).

Bargnani left at the 3:08 mark in the first quarter March 8 against the Los Angeles Lakers and did not return. He appeared in 14 of 15 games prior to this injury, including four straight starts (March 2-8).

Bargnani has been enemy No. 1 to Raptors fans this season, after his brief resurgence last season turned into even lower failures this season when he did play. GM Bryan Colangelo said prior to the deadline that the team was actively trying to trade Bargnani, not something you Manchester United Treble winner Ronny Johnsen has returned the’s very close to manager Jurgen Klopp.The No.5 was recruited during Klopp’s first summer transfer window at Anfield.Discussing his experience of the bond that the boss forges with his players, Wijnaldum explained why the personal touch makes such ao management.Johnsen is to become the new manager of his local club FK Eik Tønsberg from the start of next season, reports Tønsbergs Blad.Johnsen made 150 appearances for United but at the age of 50 is set to embark on the first coaching job of his career.FK Eik Tønsberg currently play in the fourth division in Norway.typically hear from a general manager. But they couldn’t find a deal before the deadline and Bargnani stayed put prior to this latest injury. 

You have to think this is the end of Bargnani’s time in Toronto one way or another. If a trade isn’t made this summer, you can expect the Raptors to use the amnesty clause to get out of his sizable remaining contract. 

Not with a bang, but a whi youngster Austin Samuels.Samuels has joined Kidderminster Harriers on loan for the remainder of the 2019/20 season.The youngster, who has been with the club since 2009, has featured 12 times for the under-23s this season, scoring his only goal againmper, apparently. 

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How signing Andrew Bynum can work for the Cavaliers


The signed to a two-year, $24-million deal on Wednesday, with just $6 million guaranteed. It gets them above the salary floor and has no implication long term if it doesn’t work out for them.

Let’s pretend for a minute that this thing is going to work, that the Cavaliers aren’t just throwing $6 million into a fiery hole. We need to make three assumptions before we get started.

Andrew Bynum is going to be healthy for the first time in a year-and-a-half. Healthy enough to play, healthy enough to start, healthy enough to play 30 minutes a game for 75 games. I know, I know, but we’re playing hypotheticals here.

Andrew Bynum is going to try. Really hard. The incentive structure that will double his pay (and quadruple it over two years) will light the fire under him that has been missing. He will be engaged, coachable, play within himself, not put anyone in the hospital, and respect his coach, Mike Brown, unlike the way he treated his former coach, Mike Brown. Wait. No, stop, remember, hypothetical. Play along.

Andrew Bynum is going to get along with everyone in the locker room, and everyone is going to get along with him.

OK, now that we’ve built this theoretical universe, how does it look?

Here’s what I saw with the Cavs last year: a constantly banged up who wasn’t able to be as dominant as he was initially due to repetitive freak injuries;  having what always happens to him, a series of unfortunate events, happen to him; making great strides at both the power forward and center position in small-ball lineups; showing that if he learns to work off-ball, he can be great … and dunked some. That was cool.

So with this Mega-Bynum we’re envisioning, you are now pursuing straight-up the objective of immediate improvement. You don’t want to get a little better. You want to get a lot better. You want to skip a few steps in the rebuilding process. You’ve got more than $10 million next season due to and Andrew Bynum. You had better go get your money’s worth.

Let’s start with a conceptual starting lineup of:

So you’ve got playmaking, hot-shooting point guard looking to make a statement, developing slasher/gunner, big, athletic shooter wing, rebound machine and hustle junkie, and one of the most sigularly dominant centers in the league (again, when engaged, this is what Bynum looks like; you’re just going to have to follow me down the rabbit hole here).

Varejao and Bynum, together, is a pretty lethal combination of pure size and aggression. Varejao is soo headed a winner in the final seconds – after Gianluca Mancini received a second yellow card for a raised elbow on Federico Santander.”We played well and I thought dominated throughout the match,” Fonseca told Sky Sport Italia.“It’s true that in tmehow monstrously strong and incredibly savvy, Bynum is somehow incredibly skilled and unbelievably monstrous, physically. That’s a great pair to set up down low.

Irving can run the pick and roll with Varejao, and feed Bynum in the post, with a shooter in the corner (Waiters) Irving on the wing, and a floor-stretching shooter in the opposite corner. If Bynum shoots and misses, Varejao is there for the cleanup.

This, as your core concept, puts you at probably 45 to 48 wins and a playoff berth. Possibly a five-seed in the East. That would be pretty phenomenal growth for the Cavs.

Now you throw in Jarrett Jack, who you should believe will be on the floor late in games, with some sort of Irving-Jack-Waiters-Varejao-Bynum combination. It gives you even more options.

(I personally tend to lean toward just starting Jack in the two-guard lineup and either moving Waiters to the three and trusting that the lack of small forwards with post games allows him to stay there defensively. But I’m willing to stick with Jn Panzo was happy to be part of England U21’s win over Turkey.Panzo left Chelsea last year for ASM. He is currently on-loan with Club Brugge.”It’s the communication,” the former Chelsea man said. “Even off the pitch, mingling together and things, to ack as sixth man. He’ll be finishing games, though.)

The development of the young guys come into question, but Thompson’s athleticism and length as a compliment to Bynum becomes very interesting, while Anthony Bennett can be used in pick-and-pop situations with Irving, and whg his football on-loan with Swansea City.Brewster had an eventful afternoon on Saturday as Swansea drew 1-1 at Preston.Not only did Brewster bundle in the equalising goal at Deepdale, he also had spectators in fits of laughter when he showed a yellowen the weak side defender is drawn to help, Bynum explodes over the top for the putback jam.

This will work. If those three things above are true, if Cleveland gets the best Bynum it can, the Cavaliers can jump into the playoff race and make some noise. They’ll have a unique combination of elite point guard, elite center, and dynamic role players that most teams are struggling to find.

If they can get the Bynum they want to pay for, and not the Bynum they would just have to pay for, then signing Andrew Bynum can really work out for the Cavs.

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Spurs coach Gregg Popovich’s house was robbed in February


‘s home was  while he was at a birthdaegui has called for unity facing Espanyol on Sunday.Lopetegui praised the Catalan team, while he underlined that they have already played several official games in Europe before the start of the 2019/20 campaign.”It will be difficult, because Espanyoy party with a camel. Apparently, it’s something of a trend in circles, because unfortuna Galatasaray, Babel says the Rangers boss’ never-say-die attitude was what set him apart.He said, “I learned that at Liverpool, with Steven Gerrard, who often turned around a game for us, even if we didn’t deserve it. “The way he went on until the lately, coach Gregg Popovich : 

A recent bump in burglaries in The Dominion, including one at the home of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, whose Air Force Academy class ring was stolen, has some residents on alert and the homeowners association working with police to find the culprits.

The Manchester City.Fotospor says City could turn to Soyuncu to help address their injury crisis at centre-back, in their bid to retain the Premier League title ahead of Liverpool.The centre-back has enjoyed a breakthrough season with Leicester after th robbery happened in February when the Spurs were on the rodeo road trip. Which was probably for the best for the robbers, because, you know, Gregg Popovich walking in on you robbing him ends with him staring at you while you disintegrate into dust. 

There’s nothing in the report to indicate anyone was hurt in the incident. Popovich declined comment, which is so unlike him. 

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