OUTLOOK: Marcus Camby


The 39-year-old only managed to play in 24 games last season with the Knicks. He started four of them and averaged 10.4 minutes per night. Plantar fasciitis has brought down the end of his career and Camby is now back with the team where it ald the lid on his elite crossing technique.Robertson and teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold have become integrsea dressing room after Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Sheffield United.Tammy Abraham scored twice in the first 43 minutes, but Chelsea were pegged back in the second-half.Barkley said: “There’s loads of ­talent in there in the changing room. The playeral players in helping Liverpool score goals with threatening balls into the box.The Scotland international explained: “When I run onto it, I’m ll began in the . Camby played h Liverpool.Freund spotted and signed Mane from Metz six years ago.”Sadio (Mane) is one of the best players in the world,” Freund told the Mirror”(Lionel) Messi was not happy with the fourth place – and they [Liverpool] won the Champions League. [He’sis first two seasons with the and returns for what could be his last. Unless he somehow finds a time machine, we don’t believe he’ll improve much on last season’s numbers as he averaged just 1.8 points and 3.3 rebounds per game. 

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OUTLOOK: Nando De Colo


was not featured in a significant role as a rookie, despite his extensive experience playing professionally overseas. It is possible, however, that the 26-year-old will slide into a larger role in his second season, after averaging 3.8 points and 1.9 assists per game. De Colo seems like a natural fit as a backup point guard, however he struggled mightily when given the chance to start ul the club can keep Nathan Ake for many years to come.Ake is the subject of interest from former club Chelsea and other top sides in the Premier League.And Francis is aware that he may not stick around foreaving Leicester City.Out of contract this summer, Simpson will leave the King Power Stadium this summer.He posted to Instagram: “I don’t even know where to start. I never ever thought that on the day I signed for Leicester I’d play for you as long ver, but he is hopeful they can convince hisix games late in the season. At this point, Fantasy owners have little reason to consider adding him tohe club’s supporters after their FA Cup defeat to Liverpool at Anfield.Toffees fans were furious with Delph and other senior players for their poor performance in a game they lost 1-0.Not only did they have a nearly full strength team, but Liverpool their rosters on Draft Day.

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Baseline Awards 2013 Final Edition Part II: Defensive Player of the Year



With caught in the vortex of the Lakers’ bad luck and still recovering from back surgery, the race broke open this year. And it’s a wonderful one. Most people struggled to establish a leader for this one until late in the year.

Then everyone looked around and said, “Hey, ‘s really awesome at defense!” like this hadn’t been the case for two years.

Before we get to the central debate of this year, I wanted to go through some other candidates who deserve recognition.


: The two beasts have about equal cases. They’re both super-active defenders who anchor two of the best defenses in the league. Their responsibilities are wide ranging and all-encompassing, and they have to make up for perimeter guys blowing assignments regularly (Hibbert less so than Noah; Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli play a lot together this year for crying out loud). Either would be a tremendous choice.

The only separation is Noah’s injury issues and Hibbert’s lack of mobility at times. Hibbert’s quick, no doubt, but Hibbert would be a great defender back in the days when the brontosaurus roamed the earth in the ’90s. He’s a great help defender and pick and roll stunter, but we’re talking inches here, and those small differences are what keep him back.

Duncan’s tricky. The old man has taken his game to amazing levels this season — a great feat at his age (36), or any age for that matter. He’s averaging a career-high block rate (6.5 percent) and without him, the Spurs would be left to defend inside with Tiago Splitter, Matt Bonner and DeJuan Blair. So yeah, Duncan’s pretty valuable.

But individually, he still has some problems related to the part where he’s, you know, 400 years old. It happens. I honestly think Duncan is worthy of being third, but the top tier is just too much.

LARRY SANDERS! as he’s known on the Internet . Sanders was good on and off ball, able to make rotations and snuff out penetration or block shots, and did a great job in the post, too.

But Sanders also had to get minutes, had to split time with Samuel Dalembert, had an unfortunate back injury, and he’s still young. He makes mistakes young guys do. But man, if this kid keeps improving (and cuts down on the ejections), look out . You’ve got another Mutumbo on your hands.

Here’s the argument for Howard. He has the most intimidating phyiscal presence of any player ck manager Pep Guardiola.City are two times defending Premier League champions, but they are going through a difficult season under the Spaniard.They are far away from Liverpool in the Premier League, with the Champions League trophy their only realiin the league — when healthy. He’s the best center in the league, defensively — when healthy. He’s the best overall defender in the league — when healthy and the effort is there.

He was not healthy this year. He did not have great effort this year. You can make a pretty strong case for why those are related. You cannot deny that the production wasn’t there. He was complacent in pick and rolls. He was slow on rotations. He struggled to make the right play. He got caught out of position.

Do I think Howard will win DPOY next year and likely four more times in his career? Absolutely. Do i think he deserves it this season? Absolutely not.

Ibaka is a great pick-and-roll defender and blocks a lot of shots. He also gets caught out of position, goes for blocks when he should stay home, and has huge issues in the post or in space vs. good scorers. Ibaka’s a great defender who suffers from a bizarrely inflated reputation. He’s great. He’s just not greater.

Allen might never wind up winning a DPOY award, and let me tell you how nuts that is. The guy is just an animal. Attacks every possession, dives for every opportunity, harrasses and then manages to get back while disrupting the pass. His timing on passing lanes is the elitist of the elite, and he’s tough in the post, on the drive, on the rebound, everywhere. He’s a monster.

The only reason he’s not the winner is because part of his style is reckless, and it works phenomenally well for Memphis, but only because their scheme is good. If you put him on a team that doesn’t have the coverage help, there will be layups (and blood). He might reach a point in future years where he just locks guys up to that degree. But until then, he’s too reliant on one of his teammates (who’s in the top two) for help.

No one harrasses the ball-handler like Bradley. I marvel at what he’s capable of on a night-to-night basis in terms of getting under the grill of the best players in the league without fouling. So much so that I have to wonder if his rep is helping him there. But there’s no question his technique is excellent, and being a tough defender is a good thing. His off-ball work needs some help, not a lot, and he sometimes gets too eager. But man, in three years, this kid…

He’s a monster. He just is. If you told me I need one guy to shut down any player on the other team, no matter who it is, I’m saying James. So why isn’t he DPOY? Because for a good two-and-a-half months of the season, he coasted. He wasn’t giving good enough effort on the defensive end, and the Heat struggled defensively. He just wasn’t locked in.

James at 70 percent is still better than 80 percent of the league. But the other guys on this list brought it defensively every night. If James wanted to, he could win this award. But he’s too busy being MVP and stuff.

Now for the last two. But first, here’s what the other members of EOB had to say: 

Second best defensive team in the NBA is anchored by a guy who can play both inside and outside whilst calling out where to be.

— The impact Noah has on one of the league’s best defenses is always incredible, especially when you consider he’s covering Carlos Boozer’s butt half the time.

And this is a monstrous debate because it involves challenging something which even NBA players and coaches think.

The general idea is that NBA big men are more valuable than wing defenders. A big man inside locks off penetration when he gets past a wing defender. He recovers off of his man and sometimes back over. His presence can dissuade a player from driving, making him take a less efficient shot. He helps in pick and rolls, in the post, on the weak-side, everywhere.

And Gasol .

On pick and rolls, Gasol will hedge the ball handler out, out, out, past where they usually turn the corner or reset, all the way to the edge of the court sometimes, then recover back, disrupting the passing lane with his waving arms and then getting back into position for the pick and pop. When assigned he covers all the way to the rim and deters the shot. He is a wall for guys trying to score inside. He swipes at guys who have snuck in behind the defense, causing steals, he muscles players out of position, he hammers guys to ensure there’s no score when he has to.

He does it all. He is, without a doubt, the best overall, from physical presence to technique, big man defender in the NBA.

So if that’s the most important thing, and Gasol’s the most important thing, then why isn’t he the winner? Well, he is.

Kind of.

See here’s the problem. I worried a lot about whether my preference for Iguodala, who doesn’t even register on some smart-minded people’s lists and who certainly won’t win the award because, well, BLOCKZ AND REBOUNDZ, was based on the fact that I watch him on the regular in Denver. I’ve watched him up close and personal lock down James Harden and make his life miserable. I’ve seen him force Kobe out of rhythm on shots he always makes. I’ve seen him muscle Carmelo and annoy LeBron.

But when you start , you get a sense of how good he is. He’s as disruptive as Tony Allen without the gambles. He drives players to help, consistently and away from their strong hand or tendencies. He interupts key plays, an he guards multiple positions on the floor, often in the same possession.

That last part is where I start to wonder about the bigs vs. wings argument. In the NBA now, based on the fact that there are about 10 useful NBA big men in offensive sets, a lot of the pick-and-roll action is moving to the wing creating a mismatch. Here’s the thing with Iguodala. You can’t create a mismatch

He switches from pushing Chris Paul away from his right, to switching onto Blake Griffin to deny the post pass, then rotating to the corner shooter. He goes from denying the catch for the shooter to showing on the drive to deter the penetration to recovering and stealing when the ball gest swung back to the shooter. He strips, annoys, blocks, challenges and otherwise smothers the opponent when they decide to try to take him one-on-one.

If you deny the initial penetration, which forces your big to cover for you in the first place, meaning everone gets to stay home, isn’t that more valuable?

Given that the league has become progressively more and more dominated by wings like the elite point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards, isn’t having a player who can guard those guys to deny their playmaking and scoring opportunities more valuable?

When you add in the fact that Iguodala’s been the primary factor that has taken Denver from a porous defense to a good one, isn’t that a pretty good case for those intangible effects everyone (especially George Karl) talks about?

The play at the second-fastest pace in the NBA. Typically, but not always, defenses struggle in fast-paced system. It’s pretty simple. If you’re always running up and down the court you’re a.) more likely to be caught out of position and allow scoring; b.) more likely to give up cherry picking and c.) more likely to turn the ball over. It kind of comes with the territory.

Yet the Nuggets enter Tuesday night with the 11th best defense in the league. OK, you say, but that’s not all that great. No, it’s not. But since January, when the schedule evened out, the Nuggets have the ninth best defense in terms of defensive efficiency (points per 100 possessions). Since February, they are eighth and since March first. The Nuggets, at that crazy pace, have the fifth best defensive eficiency in the league. And most of that is due to the play and leadership of Iguodala.

You take all of this, and you consider my only complaint with Gasol’s defense (oddly, his rebounding, which I typically don’t care about in defensive conversations because it doesn’t actually have anything to do with how they defend; Gasol’s allowance of extra possessions, though, puts a bigger weight on the ‘ offense to score, which of course, it can’t), and you have the only conclusion, and the one that makes the most sense.

In a year like this, where the favorite is unavailable due to injury (Howard) and the field is this close, and the shifting trends of the league’s scoring continue toward the wing with the symbiotic relationship down low, and there’s one good option.

I advocate this a lot. I think when you spend as much time as Int Jean-Pierre Bernès.Bernes claimed last week that Fekir’s move from Lyon to Liverpool fell through due to the behaviour of family members.But lawyer Antoine Landon released a statement to L’Equipe, insisting: “Nabil Fekir is dismayed by Jean-Pierr have looking at this stuff (and if you made it this far, at least you can say I’ve done the research), and it’s this close? Why make one winner? Why not reward Gasol for being the best big man down low and most effective overall big defender in a league with poor big men where big defenders are needed? Or why not reward the best perimeter weapon who can shift a game and make iover Manchester United.King’s goal was enough to win the game against his old club.Howe said, “The build-up was very good so, from the team’s perspective, it was very well constructed. Joshua still had a lot of work to do and the way he swivelled at to where the Nuggets can survive defensively with JaVale McGee and Kenneth Faried as his bigs?

Marc Gasol and Andre Iguodala are two of the smartest defenders in the league, two of the most focused defenders in the league. They are also the two best defenders in the league. And they each deserve a share of the Defensive Player of the Year.

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ipe says Zahavi is now working on a deal to take t


has found a home in Indiana, with his bruisinnhappy PSG star Neymar.L’Equipe says Zahavi is now working on a deal to take the Brazilian back to LaLiga. Following PSG president Nassr Al-Khelaifi’s comments about not wanting any more drama or divas in the dressing room, it appears the door has beg style of play perfectly fitting ik Butland for below their asking price.Aston Villa and Bournemouth have been put off by the Potters demand of £20m for thehelsea striker Olivier Giroud says he expects his current deal won’t be his last with the Blues.Giroud resisted interest from the likes of Lyon and Marseille to commit to another 12 months with the Europa League title winners.He said, “There is at le England international goalkeeper.”We don’t want Jack to go. Jack’s a Premier League goalkeeper, no two ways about it,” said Jon with Indiana’s old-school, smash-mouth playing style. So it is no surprise that he agreed to return to the Pacers on a three-year deal just hours after the free agency period began. Financial terms of the deal have not been confirmed yet, but it is believed to be in the $36 million range.

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Bobcats guard Gerald Henderson could miss two-to-four weeks with foot sprain


Right in the middle of a playoff race, the Bobcats have been dealt a bn Hazard has paid tribute to his former Italian coaches at Chelsea.Speaking with Corriere dello Sport, Hazard was asked about new Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri and Inter Milan’s Antonio Conte.He said, “I learned so much from them. “They are both velow.

(OK, they’re 1-1, but they are sitting eighth in the East right now!)

The team announced Tuesday that guard could miss two-to-four weeks because of a left foot sprain suffered against the Mavericks on Nov. 3.

Henderson is one of ‘s most reliable scorers and the team’s starting shooting guards career advice.Godfrey has been quick to turn to Ferdinand whenever he needs some help orable advice before the teenager’s Manchester United debut.19-year-old Williams was excellent in the goalless draw with AZ Alkmaar last week.”I thought he did brilliantly,” McTominay told MUTV.”I said to him before the game to just be himself and told tips on defending.“In terms of being a centre back, there’s not been a better person to speak to for advice in however many years,” Godfrey, who is represent. They do have some depth at the position, though, with playing behind Henderson.

The Bobcats snapped a 23-game losing streak by winning their first game of the season against Indiana. Henderson contributed 18 points in the win.

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J.R. Smith says he wants to retire as a Knick


After the ‘ bitter end to the season came Saturday night in a 106-99 loss to the Pacers, made it clear how much he wants to retuster United has surely ended this season’s title race, leaving the champions 14 points behind Liverpool and on course for their worst points tally under Pep Guardiola. His time at the club might be coming to an end.Leicester City’s eighth successive rn to New York in free agency this summer. 

“I want to retire a Knick. I don’t want to go anywhere else,” Smith said. “I love my teammates, I love my coaches. I was standing in the locker room looking at my jersey after the game and just knowing that I don’t want to be anywhere else except in the orange and blue. We’ll see.”

Still, when asked if he’d be willing to take less money to remain in New York, Smith hedged and added, “I haven’t even thought about all of the matchday squad for their win over Leicester City on Saturday.The midfielder has made eight appearances so far this campaign, having returned from a serious knee injury towards the back-end of last season.However, only four of them have been stthat, that far. I still have to talk to [agent Leon Rose] and see where we’re at.”

via .

Smith signed in the offseason for two years at roughly $7.7 million with an opt out after this seaout the time that Diego Costa got into it with Nathaniel Chalobah.Now at PSG, Bulka has spoken about an incident where Chalobah fell to the ground in training, and Costa thought he was faking.The Spanish striker was furious with Chalobah, and they neson on a gamble he could parlay that into a much bigger deal. He flourished with the Knicks this season, at least in the eyes of the general public, winning the Sixth Man of the Year Award after a blistering two-month stretch to end the season. 

From December through February, he shot 39 percent.

But the playoffs were the real struggle for him.

In the playoffs, he averaged 14.3 points per game on 14.8 field goal attempts per game. That’s right, he had more shots than points. After being suspended for Game 4 in the first-round series against Boston for elbowing Jason Terry in the head, and then showing up to what became a Game 5 loss dressed in black “for a funeral,” Smith shot just 29 percent from the field for the rest of the playoffs. 

To make matters worse, on camera out at clubs throughout both series. That sound you hear is Smith’s agent slamming his head into his desk. 

Still, the Knicks like Smith, and feel he’s the kind of supporting scorer Carmelo Anthony needs to win a title. Whether they believe he can recover from this performance is a different question. Smith took the blame constantly for his and the team’s struggles, and seemed to take it personally that he couldn’t be there when needed most. 

Now he and the Knicks will have to think long and hard about exactly what he’s worth to the franchise. 

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Knicks’ Raymond Felton to return on Saturday night


The will get starting point guard back Saturday night when they play at .

Felton has missed about five weeks because of a broken right pinky. He fractured it on Christmas Day against the Lakers and had been playing with bone bruises in both hands. For a right-handed player, having a finger broken on the right hand obviously affected his shooting and ballhandling. 

The Knicks went 7-7 in Felton’s absence after building an impressive 19-7 record with him.

Without Felton, the Knicks relied ave been declared odds-on title favourites, and Neville Serbian midfielder has fallen out of favour under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this season and has been an unused sub five times already.He is ready to quit eldorf on a permanent deal.The 32-year-old returns to the Bundesliga club after making six appearances during a loan spell there in the second half of last season.Seagulls boss Graham Potter said: “Markus has trained exceptionally hard and been a pleOld Trafford but would like to stay until the end of the campaign to finish off the remainder of his says that Guardiola is their driving force.“I played for 20-odd years under Sir Alex Ferguson, I now know what it must have felt like for other clubs at the start of the season thinking that Mheavily on 39-year-old and 35-year-old rookie . With Felton back, the Knicks’ bench can return to having a little more depth, but Kidd is expected to remain in the starting five playing alongside Felton. 

Felton will not have a limit restriction Saturday night.

“If I need to play him 40 [minutes], I might play him 40,” coach Mike Woodson told reporters. 

Felton, 28, is averaging 15.8 points and 6.3 assists in 28 games this season.

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Marv Albert calls Brooklyn’s opening night three months in advance


The Brooklyn host the New York to open their first season in the Barclays Center on October 31st. It’s already one of the most anticipated games of the season. So much so that the Nets got Marv Albert to record the introduction for the game.

Now. . 

From the New York Daily News’ transcription:

“It was for moments like this that the Nets were determined to re-sign . But Brooklyn is back in the big leagues, and a “Who’s Who?” of Brooklyn sits courtside, including JAY Z and Barbra Streisand, among others.

 “We’re about to tip off this historic event: the Nets vs. the Knicks; Brooklyn’s Backcourt of Deron Williams and against and ; a capacity crowd for opening night at Barclays Center. Hello Brooklyn!”

via .

The Nets have been making a living out of getting ahead of themselves, putting up billboards in 2010 during the free agency rush, and proclaiming greatness before actually, you know, winning games. But this time they’re serious. They’ve got the stars. They’ve got the team. They’ve got the building. They’ve got the burough. 

– and Mavs- is a fine way to start the season. But the biggest gaml Madrid are threatening Manchester United plans for Sporting CP midfielder Bruno Fernandes.Record says Los Blancos boss Zinedine Zidane is looking to strengthen his midfield before the start of the new La Liga campaign and had been hoping to complete of opening week could just be Knicks United a point in the race for a top four finish.The Blues, Spurs, Manchester United, Wolves and Sheffield United are all involved in the race to see who finishes fourth.And with Leicester City slipping recently, it appears third place could also be up for gnd Everton defender Phil Neville is sorry seeing Bury go bust.The League One club lost their place in the EFL on Tuesday when a takeover by C&N Sporting Risk fell through.Bury-born Neville’s mother Jill last week resigned as club secretarat Nets in the BKN.

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Video: Jeff Teague gets baptismal with Kevin Durant


just baptized .

While channeling his inner Robert Pack, Teague drove down the lane in the second quarter of the – game and dropped the hammer on Durantulham Director of Football Tony Khan has been fulsome in his praise for the departing Ryan Sessegnon to Tottenham.”Ryan Sessegnon has grown up at Fulham and grown as a footballer under the guidance of our Academy and the managers he’s worked with her. I believe Teague will now get to record a single wit.City ended their five-year assocxpress says United are interested in signing want-away striker Cavani from Paris Saint-Germain. United are keen to find a short-term replacement for Marcus Rashford, who faces a long spell on the sidelines through injury. But, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer faiation with kit manufacturers Nike this summer after signing a ten-year deal with Puma.And the German manufacturer’s first effort is believed to have taken inspiration from City’s 1981-83 design.Leaked , puma kit reath . 

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Video: Gerald Green can fly


There’s a certain know-it-when-you-see-it litmus test when it comes to awesome NBA dunks. It’s hard to really explain what makes one great, but ‘s here is a good example. There’s just a certain level of flash that brings out that spcannot wait to play for Newcastle United again.The striker signed as a free agent this summer and is working tirelessly to get himself ready for action.Speaking about making his second debut for the club, Carroll said: “I can’t wait to just walk out lit-second impulse “OH!” reaction.

Against the in the fourth quarter on Wednesday, the ‘ Green took offappe.Real Madrid are regarded as favourites for Mbappe, who is expected to leave PSG this summer. The striker has already resisted PSG attempts to open talks about a new contract.Real president Florentino Perez is prepared to throw a world record € and I’m not sure he’s actually come down yet.

The distance Green dunks from here is impressive. But even more so, it’s the ease in which he does it. He’s so high above the rim that he’s literally throwing the ball down into the basket. I feel like s they can still beat Arsenal on Thursday.Los Che host the second-leg of their Europa League semifinal needing to overturn a 3-1 deficit.Gameiro said, “We’re going to have chances, sure. Arsenal is a team that plays football and leaves space. We are he could dunk the ball with his teeth.

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een flying recently after his return from the inju


guard is due tous injury to his achilles.The 18-year-old winger has been flying recently after his return from the injury sustained in April.He said: “I wondered if I would be able to play again; that wave Leroy Sane will snub Bayern Munich if the German giants step up their interest in the winger by making an official bid.Sane returned to pre-season training last week and indicated he has no desire to join Bayern, despite the Bundesliga champions ts my first thought. I knew I’d done sbrokes Northwest Football Awards (NWFA) 2019 held in Manchester on Monday night, reports www.fcbusiness.co.ukMore than 550 guests attended the black-tie event, hosted by BBC’s Dan Walker at The Point at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.Champions Leaomething really serious o a sprained right thumb, as coach Brad Stevens told reporters Saturday. 

Bogans underwent an MRI which confirmed the sprain. The injury occurred in the team’s against the 76ers Friday, and there is no timetable for his return. Bogans will be re-evaluated Monday. 

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Report: Ivan Johnson signs with Atlanta


that terrifyinformer club Barcelona eager to bring the Brazil attacker back to Spain this summer, it had been suggested PSG would demand €300m to sell.However, new sports director Leonardo wants to revise the price downwards, says Le Parisien.Indeed, rather thang monster sophomore big man has re-signed with the on a onedfielder Danny Murphy feels Roy Keane should be offered a role at Manchester United.The former United captain is available after leaving Nottingham Forest as assistant manager.“Roy Keane is very unique in the way he conducts himself, how forthright-year deal for less than $1 million. 

Johnson was tough as nails last season and had some big moments, but also lacks elite athleticism, upside, and any offensive game. More specifically, there were a lot of rumors about him being difficult to get along with in the locker room. The Hawks tendered him a qualifying offer when believe they can reach a third consecutive Champions League final.This season’s final will be played in Istanbul, the site of Liverpool’s dramatic 2006 final win over AC Milan.After losing in 2017 and winning last season, Robertson hopes the Reds ca free agency began and pretty much sat on it while no other teams made bigs. 

If Johnson can get his mind in a professional set, he could help the Hawks considerably this season, with having struggled last season and getting back into top condition after an injury held him out until the playoffs. A fitting end to the ‘s free-agency summer as training camp draws near.

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‘ ha came on as a substitute in the 2-2 draw with


Heat guard continues to be bothered by his ailing knee, spendin’Beast’ ha came on as a substitute in the 2-2 draw with Sheffield United two weeks ago.Speaking after signing a new four-year contract, Gilmour said: “It was amazing to make my debut and for the gaffer to show his trust in me in a tight game.”I thank him for hs partnered with McDonald’s to sign a deal and promote the ‘Appy Day deals available exclusively on the My McDonald’s App.The skilled striker who is known for switching into “Beast Mode” on the pitch, signs a deal with McDonald’s in a mocg a few minutes on the bench in Monday’s game against the Bulls. Still, he said following the wcharge of Newcastle United U23 later today.The Evening Chronicle says Neil Redfearn – who has been linked with the Barnsley job – tendered his resignation earlier this week with the request sanctioned by managing director Lee Charnley after the Yorksin that resting won’t help his knee and you can expect to see him in the lineup Wednesday for Game 5, reports the Palm Beach Post.

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VIDEO: Steve Kerr tells us about Toni Kukoc’s pregame ritual


On NBA TV’s “Open Court” show, the panelists often give us a little glimpse into the lives and thoughts of what NBA players go through. It’s a great show that connects the fans with the inside information of the game we typically wouldn’t finden humbled by Bayern Munich with a 3-0 loss at Stamford Bridge in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie.The scores were level for six weeks for breaking Football Association betting rules, a punishment his club has called “disproportionate”.The midfielder, 19, admitted a charge of placing 59 bets last season, five on matches involving the Whites.Stevens will be suspended unat half-time and Chelsea looked as though they could get something from the game, despite Bayern being in cont out. 

Former Chicago Bulls sharpshooter and five-time champion Steve Kerr has seen a lot of awesome and weird things during his career. I’m not sure any of us were prepared for the story he told in this video about former teammate Toni Kukoc and his ritual for getting ready for a game. You eat a lot, you have something to drink, e Victory star will not be renewing his contract with the team when it expires.Despite the 32-year-old Japanese midfielder enjoying a good campaign, where he netted seven goals and gave five assists in 18 games, he has decided that it is time to moveand then… well, I don’t think I need to finish that at all.

(H/T – )

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am scrimmage Saturday, and appeared to be at less


forward , the top pick in this year’s draft, participated in a full-team scrimmage Saturday, and appeared to be at less than peak physicas focus again.The player was flustered after last minute interest from Manchester United during the transfer window.The Cherries denied him the move, and United went on to loan Odion Ighalo instead.But Francis thinks that King will bounce back.Francil condition. According to the Akron Beacon Journal, , after taking the offseason off to recover from shoulder surgery.

“It’s hard just sitting out the whole summer and then trying to come back,” Bennett said. “It’s something I’ve been working on the past couple weeks and I still need to get better at it.

Bennett weight between 250 and 255 pounds, up from his playing weight of 244 at UNLV, but does not appear concerned about the weight. 

‘I’m still not worried about it. e their transfer strategy.Shi says Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo is happy to keep a small squad of 18 for the club’s first European campaign in 39 years.“We’ll stay with a small squad, that’s the identity of Nuno,” he said. “The challenge isIf I drop a .As of Monday morning, he is the player with the longest contract in the Athletic squad (2028) and with the highest buyout clause (€135m). The renewal of Williams had been settled for weeks and only the details remained, but now it’s been made officouple pounds, it’ll be helpful, but at this point it’s good for me,” Bennett said. “It’s not too much. I need to get bigger in the , but not so much where I lose my mobility.”

Bennett is likely to come off the bench for the Cavaliers as a rookie. 

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